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Best Practices on Google my Business

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google my business

A good local SEO strategy must include a constant GMB (Google My Business) revision. Verifying your local Google My Business listing enhances your online position. This tool is very important, it will let your business to appear in Google Maps, local finder, etc. GMB also has an impact on organic searches. Here you will find how to claim your local Google My Business and some best practices to improve your local SEO strategy but first…

google my business

Google My Business, what is it?

This is a business tool. It’s free, has a friendly interface and its very easy to use. It helps businesses with their online presence by making them appear on Maps and Google Searches. When you specifically look for a business name in Google, you see their GMB displayed right with the search results. It’s like an online business card, but it provides much more information. It usually looks like this:

As you can see the GMB card offers a lot more information than just the name, address, and working hours. It tells you what type of business is, a link to their website, images, and maps. Besides that, it will show you what customers have to say about and how popular the place is. You will be able to see similar vendors in case you need to see more options.

This is plenty of info you get at a quick glance, hence its highly valuable for customers. It helps them make an accurate decision about if they should/shouldn’t use their services. This is the purpose of Google My Business, provide enough information about businesses and stores, so customers make well-based decisions. Now that you know how GMB looks like and how important it is for your online presence, its time to look at those best practices:

Pay strong attention to your images

Google itself has made it very clear that users find a business with photos way more appealing than a site with no photos or images. You Google, they measure everything. According to them, people are more likely to follow directions to a business displaying photos. Keep this in mind when you’re deciding to whether add more photos or not.

If you want to sell your products online and get help from the search engine, you need to show your products on the GMB listing ASAP. Whatever the nature of your business is, make sure to showcase it with photos. Just make sure to add good-quality photos and images and you’ll be fine.

In addition to this, you can encourage your customers to upload their pics to your Google My Business as well. In order to get to this point, you need to care for your customers. Not only providing good products and a good experience but making sure they feel so pleased, they recommend you to friends and family. This takes us to our next best practice for Google My Business.

Customer reviews are vital in Google My Business

You may not know it, but the majority of users make their shopping decisions, based on other user’s reviews. You can say they trust online reviews just as if they were theirs. This has an additional impact on local SEO as it narrows down your audience. It goes hand in hand with delivering good service. Positive reviews on Google My Business listings will make users, customers and potential visitors to trust more in your brand. I think we’ve all done it. Scroll down all the way just to see what others say about a particular vendor.

That’s why you need to answer all reviews made to your business. Whether they’re good or bad you need to answer them. Yeah, nobody wants a terrible review but if you get one, own it. Address the issue and let your online audience know that you’re there to fix any inconvenience. This way maybe you can leave a good sensation on a customer who didn’t have a not-so-good experience.

Make sure you complete all the information on your Google My Business card

If you’re going with GMB as a tool, then d it the right way. Make sure you have all the information updated there: working hours, address, business name – it seems pretty obvious, but we’ve seen cases – and phone numbers. Nothing can hurt your online reputation than several customers following your GMB info and find out it wasn’t updated. Those mistakes are the ones getting you bad reviews too.

Check your page on Google My Business, make sure you’ve completed all the information. Make sure that you have the same information everywhere

Promote your company’s content, promotions, events through Google Posts

This feature was added a few years ago. Before that, businesses could only rely on social media and their own websites to promote their events. Google Posts lets you post about your company’s news, articles, special offers, everything.

Make sure to follow these useful practices to make the best of this fantastic tool. Enhance and improve your online position. If you’re the owner of a small business. Use this tool to promote your company locally and to enhance your competitiveness.

Don’t overlook the importance of your Google My Business card. It’s your presentation letter to all your customers, visitors, and potential users. We hope you can take advantage of these tips, enhance your online position, and become more trustworthy on the web.

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