Cold email outreach: struggling to manage leads?

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cold email outreach

Is your cold email outreach low right now? Are you seeing the number of leads decrease each day? The truth is that cold emailing isn’t so simple as many people think, and we can see that by the low open rates that businesses have to deal with nowadays.

People receive so many messages on their inbox daily, and they tend to ignore a lot of them, mainly because they don’t have enough time. 

So what makes a person open an email? And how can you prevent a big rejection rate? There is a huge list of things that can be improved on your cold emails. But keep in mind something really important: consider each and every email as a chance to reach your potential leads. 

That being said write down these valuable tips in order to help you overcome your struggles with managing your leads.

Tips to produce quality cold emails

There are some tips you can follow in order to increase the response rate of your emails. Verify the ones you are not applying yet in your cold email outreach campaigns:

Don’t  ever forget about your buyer persona

You must have your buyer persona in mind before producing any kind of content online and with email, it couldn’t be different. It’s easier to just write what you want to communicate to convert sales, right?

But it really doesn’t work that way with everybody. The difficult part is to understand how to write something that will touch the persona’s pain points, convince them that your product or service will provide what they need at that time.

Before starting a cold email outreach campaign choose one or two buyer personas to focus on. Understand their main questions and problems and offer a sollution for them.

The best subject line

Don’t ignore the power of a good subject line. This is the first contact with your leads, and you should call their attention. Writing good subjects requires knowing your buyer personas interests, and also the tone of voice you can use with them.

Try to use questions that make them stop and stare at your email. There are some kinds of phrases that will certainly call the attention of your leads:

    • You wouldn’t believe what…
    • Things that no one has ever told you about…
    • Product X now only $9,99, but just for today!

Always be creative, and try not to follow a “recipe”. No one knows your product and your potential clients better than you. You will certainly do your best trying to get their attention.

Go straight to the point and be brief

As we said before, people don’t have much time to read all their emails. That’s why you need to simplify your message going straight to the point. Make a good impression complementing the subject with a good headline.

Use design to centralize the main idea of your message and communicate only the necessary, to keep your lead interested in reading it.

Personalized emails

A big problem of cold email outreach is the necessity of achieving a lot of people at the same time. And one way to do that and at the same time make your leads open your email is through personalization.

When you see your name in a message, don’t you feel special? According to studies from Stanford Graduate School of Business, when you add the name of the message recipient you increase the chances of opening in 20%, including an increase of 31% in sales leads.

There are codes you can use to set a data field with the name of the person who is receiving the email. Search about the right code for the platform you are using to send your emails. It will surely worth to give your leads a proper treatment calling them by their names or last names.

Depending on the data you’ve collected from your leads you can also personalize other fields in your email, as the name of the company where the lead works, or the city they are located. 

cold email outreach

Choose a clear call to action

Converting sales through cold emails also requires redirecting your potential leads to an additional way of acquiring leads. It can be a landing page focused on sales conversion, with big sales, or even a rich content as a blog post, an ebook, guide, or other things that will help the message recipient through the buying process. Always encourage them to follow clear actions and then use buttons such as: “Download it now”, “I want to know more”, “Take me to the site”.

So, how can I generate leads through email?

Although the purpose of cold email outreach is to achieve the greatest number of people as possible, we’ve already seen that acquiring leads through this channel is not that easy. At least not if you don’t observe some essential steps to prevent low open rates.  

One thing about sales emails is that even everybody does it, the ideal isn’t sending the same message to your entire list of email addresses. That’s why email segmentation is really necessary when it comes to achieving your leads in each and every stage of the sales pipeline. It’s a way not to lose them by anticipating a phase for which they are not prepared yet.

For example, you can’t send an email inviting a person to buy a product and service they don’t know already. First, you need to educate them about what you are selling, its benefits and ways to use.

That’s why one of the best ways of segmenting your leads is through specific outreach campaigns, especially the ones involving landing pages that are great to filter out their position on the sales pipeline.


Now that you know how to increase your cold email outreach

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drag board cold email outreach

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