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Tips to create a experience with customer centricity

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Customer centricity is not a new thing, this is something we’ve been struggling with for the last 20 years at least. Running a business it’s no longer about offering a good product at a reasonable price. User experience is increasingly becoming an important factor, as relevant as revenue. 

Right now business is all about customer-centricity and how strong are the bonds your company creates with them. Not an easy task but it’s totally doable. Keep reading to learn some tips on mastering your customer-centricity skills.

A Customer-centric culture, even though it’s not implemented as much as it should,  has always been present. New technologies like IoT (Internet Of Things) are enabling companies to create better & more memorable experiences.

It’s no longer a matter of being nice to your customers. You have to provide a good user experience if you want to stay competitive, period. Customer centricity impacts all areas of a business, from customer support to sales.

That’s why companies who pay attention to customers as the core of their business are more likely to reduce churn. Use Customer Centricity to provide outstanding service in every stage of the transactions you have with your clients. The whole point is to create an overall friendly environment around your customers and their particular needs.

What entails to be customer-centric?

Its definition is quite simple: Put customers first in every aspect of your business. Making all your strategies to move following a strong customer focus. It means understanding your customer’s needs and build a good experience around it. You give customers what they need, make them feel appreciate and they’ll deliver. 

Customer centricity is also about measuring your metrics and customer data to understand their behavior. By doing this, you’ll identify their needs. Based on their feedback, you’ll come up with ideas to provide better products and services and build loyalty.

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Tip #1:  Hire only customer-oriented people

There’s no way to create customer centricity if your staff is not customer-oriented. You need to be clear about this with your current and new employees. A customer-centric brand is the one looking after customers from the very first interaction. 

This means that your entire staff must be aligned with the initiative. Not just your customer service representatives, but every role within the company must run accordingly to customer-centricity.

Of course, there’s a thin line between hiring a customer-oriented person and hiring someone that would do anything the customer says. You need people who can make a perfect balance between what can/can’t be done and still leave a good perception among customers.

Tip #2: Multiple & clear communication channels 

Another crucial aspect of developing customer-centricity is communication. Brands need to facilitate ways for customers and representatives so they can interact seamlessly and directly with each other. When you think about it, every role in a company has an effect on customer experience. It doesn’t matter if there was a direct interaction between them or not.

Think about the nature of your business and try to come up with related strategies. Anything that is in favor of creating easy and direct communication channels with customers is good for customer-centricity. Whether is a friendly interface, customer support software or training employees into customer contact. 

The idea is that your customers don’t feel like they are just a number that goes on the book. Show them your efforts in recognizing them as unique elements for your business success.

Tip #3: Train your employees into your Customer Centricity strategy

customer centricity

Another important aspect of customer-centricity. If managers and employees are aware of the benefits that a customer-centric strategy provides, they will definitely be motivated to do their part. Of course, this happens if you hire customer-oriented people which we already discussed.

If you manage to engage employees around customer-centric tactics they will surely deliver according to your expectations. Make them see your vision so you can all be on the same page.

Tip #4: Share the same customer insights

This is a variation to our previous tip. All employees should have a clear understanding of their customers. Marketing and sales departments have important customer insights for instance. If all the divisions in a company can access this data, everyone will have the insight they need to make your customer-centricity actions more effective.

Think of it as a customer/employee experience department. Your employees can go and explore the different ways in which their customers react and behave. Listening to customer representatives’ live calls, or having access to customer’s reviews or emails will provide great customer insights. 

You can even orchestrate entire-staff meetings, where people in charge of customer experience, share their discoveries in customer behavior. All of these actions will enhance your customer-centricity tasks.

Tip #5: “Put yourself in the customer’s shoes” 

Last but not least, we have empathy. Just the sound of the word can make you feel better about yourself and your perception of others. Despite this, it seems like a real hassle for companies to achieve empathy towards their customers. We’re talking about legit empathy, not the one that seems acted or unnatural. 

Ask your employees what do they consider to be empathetic towards a customer. Employees must know what entails to be empathetic. Also being empathetic, in a customer-centric environment, means to be able to understand the emotional need behind a customer’s request, inquiry or complaint.

This is useful not just for companies and business environments. It should be a golden rule for all human interactions. If you want to use empathy as a recognized value of your company, you need cooperation from managers too. And if your company accomplish this, you’ll have a much easier time developing your customer-centric strategy.


There you have it, five tips on what can be described as an empathy-enhancer process. A customer Centricity organization is a future of doing business. Make sure to hire the right people and give them your knowledge so you can altogether create a customer-centric experience. 

Everybody on your team must know the importance of letting the product centricity aside. Moreover learning a customer-centric approach that will certainly make a difference in how you treat existing customers and the new ones.

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