Customer Service for SaaS: how to nail it

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For those starting out, customer service for SaaS might look like a really difficult challenge to deal with. However, when aligned with good strategies, and the right customer service skills, it works wonders for your company.

So in this article, we will present good practices that you probably will need in your company, in order to make the most of your customers — and also make them very happy!

Did you know that 84% of customers sometimes feel frustrated with a lack of information, but at the same time, most of them are ok to pay 25% more for an excellent service?

This shows us that good customer service is very important. Even more in SAAS, when you’re not usually close to your client and have to deal with everything remotely. So let’s see some good reasons you need to truly nail it!

Make yourself easy to reach

These next strategies all reaffirm the biggest rule of a effective customer service: you must make everything possible in order to be as close as possible to your clients. And it goes beyond to just solve their problems and answering questions.  You must be available on several channels, and the way to get to them must be very clear.

When they understand the way between you is very short, customers will come to you more easily.

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Add a FAQ session to your website

You might already use this one, but don’t take it for granted just because it’s too simple. FAQ requires some research on your users in order to understand what are their biggest struggles.

In order to create a fulfilling FAQ page, here are some tips:

  • Think about the usual issues users can have in your software;
  • Make a list of possible questions and write brief — but assertive — answers;
  • Make sure you’re using your customers’ language;
  • A FAQ page should be easily scannable, so create a titles hierarchy;
  • Add a search feature to this page;
  • Always update. Questions change from time to time, and as your software evolves, so will the questions about it.

Users love live chat — but the ones that really work

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According to Zendesk, FAQ pages solve 90% of problems (and users prefer them), but some questions are very specific. In order to solve them quickly, you should think about using live chat tools. They can integrate right into your website pages and make you more easy to access.

You can even find live chatbots. They centralize work by trying to solve issues with FAQs, only directing unsolved questions to a human.

However, it’s a tricky solution. Be careful to not keep a useless robot interacting with customers in an infinite loop. Make sure they have a way out in case they understand a live chat is needed.

Some of the most recognized live chat tools in the market are Zendesk, LivePerson, PureChat, and

Have someone dedicated to support

Nothing happens by itself. If you really want to improve your customer service experience, you must assign someone in the support team to work with it all the time. Even if this person has other activities, they should know that supporting clients is a true priority.

Even if your service is great, bad support can spoil everything for you, so let’s leave those churns behind and grow to the next level. Especially when it comes to customer service for SaaS. Because your service is a software, consumers will expect you to be available online most of the time.

By doing so, you’re focusing on your clients’ issues. Don’t ever assume that they will be able to solve their questions by themselves all the time, so make sure someone is always available to help them.

Hear your customers

Specifically, in customer service for SaaS, the important part is to always keep learning. Your clients will always change, as will your software. So, open a feedback space, make surveys and turn this channel into a useful and judgment-free environment.

When users feel welcome to collaborate, they will embrace your software and make it their as well. So don’t close this door, and always make room for listening to feedback.

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Use issues with clients to build relationships

In fact, when you hear your clients, you create opportunities. You become able to turn problems into good relationships for your business, and also the customer’s personal experience. And that is the true magic of customer support.

When you turn over clients’ opinions, you gain them. This is why it is so important to have someone working directly with them, making this bridge between not only the company and client but also between supply and demand.

Learn from your own mistakes

Be modest enough to accept your flaws and grow from it. We all make mistakes, and they are a part of working. So don’t neglect them, but learn from the process.

If you ever do that, what you’re really doing is closing doors for customers. If they feel like you’re unable to acknowledge what’s wrong with your product or service, they will stop trusting you — and will look for a better option elsewhere.

Manage customer service for SaaS from Gmail

Users can ask for help from multiple channels, but it is crucial that every communication aspect ends up in a single place.

What we usually recommend is keeping it in a tool you already use. I personally use email, so everything I need to do is right into my inbox. If you use collaborative Helpdesk tools into your email, you can go even further with the organization by adding specific Customer Support boards.

But the main point is that as long as you and your team are able to understand work and make issues be solved quickly, the happier your clients will be.

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Right now you have probably realized how important is customer service for SAAS. So keep in mind that it should be something simple, yet useful. Your customers don’t want to waste time waiting for something to be solved.

Empathy is the key, put yourself in their shoes and think about what aspects would make you feel happier with your service. Only then you’ll have a truly good solution.

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