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By 18th June 2018 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

*Drag new design being launched on the next few days.

We are excited to announce the simplest way to share emails as a team in Gmail. Drag Team is being launched today for teams to organize and collaborate on email and tasks, having trello-style boards as a universal option to get things done right from inside Gmail.

Upgrade to Drag Team starting from $9 user/month and boost your team productivity!

Drag Team brings collaboration to all features in Drag. This means that users can collaborate on kanban boards, share emails or tasks, assign emails or tasks to team members, reply on behalf of each other, add internal comments and more. It is ideal for teams that share company emails like support@ or for teams that are simply working together in a project or taskforce, like preparing a workshop or launching a new product. You can read more about Team Plan here.

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Why we created Drag Team

We think simple teams should be able to work together without leaving their inbox, eliminating the extra steps of navigating to different apps to manage their tasks, projects, sales or customer support. Especially because most of these activities start and finish as emails.

Think about customer support: Helpdesk softwares convert customers emails into tickets, that are lately converted back into emails to customers. Why do small Helpdesk teams sharing support@ email addresses need to leave their Inbox to support customers?

The same happens when teams are working on a taskforce, like preparing a workshop for example. Most of tasks, like to find a venue, sort logistics, send invitations, schedule meetings and others will probably be done via email. Why do teams need an external task management app to manage their activities? 

We believe the reason why it happens is that Email is not collaborative. Email is not productive. Email is broken. But with a small push, Inboxes should be fully equipped to allow teams to stay productive in their inbox.

After collecting feedback from our dozens of thousands of users, we realised that teams want to stay in their inbox. And then Drag Team was born. Drag Team is the Shared Inbox, in Gmail, in kanban, for teams to get things done together.

Is Drag Team Plan ready?

There are so many cool features we know people want but we still haven’t had the time to develop. That’s why Drag Team is still in Beta. We wanted to share with our users an early version to collect as much feedback as we can, while developing the remaining features we need. You can follow our public roadmap to keep an eye on what’s coming soon and please, please leave your feedback! 😉

How to use Drag Team?

Everyone that downloads Drag Chrome Extension has access to a free 14-day trial of all features, including the ones on the Team Plan.

So, if you are in your trial or purchased the Drag Team plan, follow the steps below to enjoy your Shared Inbox in Gmail:

1. Create a Shared Board
You can use Drag team to share company emails like support@ or to share specific emails from your personal inbox like john@.

– To share company emails like support@:
Login to the company email, enable Drag and click on the “invite” button. Add the email addresses that you want to access that account.

– To share personal emails like john@:
Login to your email and enable Drag. Click on the boards dropdown menu and click on “manage boards”. Create a new board and invite your team mates to access the board.

2. Populate your Shared Board
If you are sharing a company email like help@, there is no action required here. Your emails will start coming naturally. If you are using a personal email, select the emails you want to send to the board and use the red “D” button on the top bar to send emails to the Shared Boards.

3. Customize your boards
Rename columns. Add as many columns as you want. Add standalone tasks that all team members in the board can see.

4. Collaborate inside Gmail!
Share internal comments, due dates, reminders, checklists, all with your team. Get things done faster, together 🙂

What’s next?

Drag Team doesn’t stop here. We are working really hard to make Drag the best Shared Inbox for teams, and have many other cool features coming soon. New features will include assignment of emails/tasks to team mates, inbox automation (using rules to send emails straight to a certain board or column), mentions, notifications and much more. Ah, and our mobile app is in the oven as well 🙂

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