How to use email as a Help Desk

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Help Desks are very handy to companies. Period. But still, we don’t think they solve the problem as efficiently as they could. Can you imagine a scenario in which your work goes unified in order to solve customers’ issues?

Think about it, technologies come and go every day. It has become common for people to forget about tools and social networks they used to be part of (e.g. Flickr, MySpace, and even Twitter). Although these tools still exist, they usually go through a wave of use — which keeps increasing until it breaks.

On the other hand, there’s one single network that has always existed in your digital life and you probably don’t even see it as a social media: your email.

And there’s no blame on that. Emails have been there for most things you needed online. And for every new tool available, there you go using your email as username. But what if you could centralize your Help Desk work?

Can you use email as a Help Desk?

Yes, you absolutely can.

Since most of your emails are tasks to be done, we figured out that if you use your inbox as a visual workflow in which your messages go progressively through, it would save you tons of time. Did you know the average person spends 6.3 hours per day in their email? And yet, email is not productive, not collaborative and not an all-in-one place to do the tasks you need to. Let’s be honest, email as we currently know is broken.

Drag aims to start a new era of email, breaking the wheel and turning your inbox into something new and exciting again, once you can properly visualize your inbox, there is no turning back.

Email. Your new Help Desk

If you’ve ever worked in a company Helpdesk, you must acknowledge how messy things can become if not well handled and organized. Thinking in the current scenario, it’s unpractical to use your email inbox to do the job, so many people choose tools such as CRMs. The problem with adding tools to the task is that it complicates both ends:

At your company’s end, it adds more:

  • Logins and passwords to remember
  • Software to manage
  • Training to do
  • Complexities to understand
  • Time consumed in order to switch apps and get things done

At your customers’ end:

  • Communication has more chances to get noise
  • Depending on the tool, their device might not be compatible
  • They may never get an answer to their issue
  • They may wait longer for an answer

Nowadays, it’s crucial to provide a killer experience. If you don’t astonish your customers, be sure of one thing: your competitors will. Just in 2015, 84% of companies increased their investment in a Helpdesk software.

You can use Drag as a Helpdesk. In a simple way, it will bring organization and better visibility for the customer support activities of SMBs, while keeping the simplicity of email as a business tool. It works from Gmail, so you will instantly understand how it works, it is so familiar.

By adding something so simple, it becomes easier to do your tasks. Therefore, you can give support faster and provide a more excellent service to your customers.

How Drag works as a Help Desk

The Help Desk feature on Drag is very simple, your emails become cards, so you can drag and drop as your support progresses.

You can add labels to your cards, so every task belongs somewhere. Here are some other features you can add to your cards:

Responsible person on the team;

  • Descriptions
  • Status
  • Due date
  • Checklists
  • Notes
  • Progress bar

Email as Help Desk

These features work seamlessly together so you can have a clear understanding of the process. The Kanban view is also very handy, so you can focus on the list that makes more sense to you, minimizing distractions.

And don’t forget it’s still your email inbox, so for any support pending an answer is one click away from composing an email. And you can even collaborate with your team, which means that you can have shared boards, so your team can work together while you track it in one single place.

We believe Drag has the potential to disrupt the Helpdesk market, centralizing work to a single and automatized place: your inbox. And by doing so, making your whole team so much more productive. According to a survey published in the Software AdviceTM Helpdesk Software

User Report, 45% of SMBs use manual methods for Helpdesk.

What’s the conclusion?

By centralizing your team’s work in a single place, your processes get quicker, and consequently, your customers get happier and your company sells more. We truly believe that current solutions don’t solve the problem as well as it can be solved, so we’re introducing Drag as a disruptive tool, working straight from your Gmail inbox as a collaborative and visual tool.

We’ve talked to over 40,000 people about organizing their inbox. One thing resonates; improve their productivity and collaborate.

Email is painful, but it doesn’t have to be. Team boards can help.

What now?

Drag is The Everything Inbox for Teams – one single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams love – Gmail. We are Techstars-backed Company, trusted by 30,000 users around the World.

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