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Business Tools: Why you should use as few as possible

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Business tools aren’t what they used to be. According to the Department of Labor, workplace productivity in the country decreased significantly during the first quarter of 2019. Now its 2nd quarter its almost over and productivity growth is still rather slow. Perhaps all the business tools that companies use to optimize their work are showing their adverse side effects. Let’s see if business tools are friend or foe to companies.

Usually, one would believe that having cutting-edge business tools to automate and increase work productivity would work correctly, right? Well, according to an NYT article we haven’t had such low productivity numbers since the ’80s. With so many business tools being designed and improved every day, those numbers shouldn’t be weak. It seems like there’s something not working correctly with business tools. Now, let’s start from the basics:

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What are business tools and who uses them?

Business tools are designed to streamline tasks, enhance productivity and save time. Hopefully, they would also help businesses to make a profit. Most of these programs are used by small business-owners, one-person companies, and well-established organizations.  It gives them the advantage of seamlessly handling different departments – sales, support, IT, etc. – without wasting any time and helping businesses with their daily challenges. Let’s explore their downside and how can companies improve their efficiency by using fewer business tools.

Setting up business tools is incredibly time-consuming

When companies get business tools, it’s because they’re looking to optimize their tasks or enhance a particular process. Maybe there’s a department that’s not doing so good and needs improvement. The problem is that with each new business tool, comes a setup process with its own set of intricacies. Implementing a new software will always be time-consuming no matter how easily it gets installed. Data migration software takes days before they’re fully ready to be used. Besides, you’ll need to set time aside to explain how it works to the entire team. The worst part is that in most cases it may not be enough to make a seamless transition.

Business tools are expensive

Let’s be honest, business tools are not multipurpose. They’re designed to complete one specific task or to solve one particular issue, and that’s it. You can find business tools that will help you with something specific, like support, sales, email management, helpdesk. A well-established company uses over 50 business tools, a multinational company can easily use more than 100 programs.  For a big conglomerate or multinational may not be a problem to cope with 100 business tools monthly charges, but think about small businesses who need to deal with costs for using 10, 20 business tools. It’s not the best option for companies especially if there are less expensive solutions to handle their processes.

Data is all over the place

There are other costs when using business tool besides money. Since there’s usually one business tool for each specific task, it’s very hard or highly unlikely for them to integrate. Most of the times, teams have to export data from one tool to another non-stop on a daily basis. Ask yourself how much time does it take for your team to import data from one business tool to another. Now think how much time you’ll be saving if there was only a more friendly business tool to conduct your business endeavours. It gets much worse than that, imagine several departments using several business tools. You know each department has its ways to work, so using a shared tool with so many complications can be a real hassle.

Poor time management

Multitasking is fantastic, but switching between various business tools can lead to a considerable amount of wasted time. Business tools trying to work together and integrate data will slow down processes no matter how cutting-edge the program is.

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Drag is the answer to your business tool needs

After all of these considerations about business tools, we’d love to present you Drag. It’s an excellent alternative that will overcome these issues and many more in the most effective way. Drag allows you to run your business from one place only, making your workflow as smooth as it gets. This will give you more time to focus on being successful without spending time integrating data from various business programs.

  • You Can Set Drag Up In Minutes: No more reading manuals and guides to make a business tool software to work correctly. No need to add or install additional software, it’s just as simple as adding a Google Chrome extension!. That’s all it takes to start controlling almost every aspect of your company without leaving your well-known Gmail inbox.
  • It’s Highly Cost-effective: With Drag, you have several business tools in one place, using a familiar interface for a seamless day-to-day workflow. Putting together the monthly charges of several programs can take bills over the ceiling. Compare your monthly charges versus our fees, and see why Dragapp is highly cost-effective. Plus it provides an added value for companies.
  • All Data Is Available For The Entire Team: There’s no need to switch between business tools to achieve a particular goal. Everyone will be able to stay on top of the workflow and ahead of the game.  All you need to know is how to move around your Gmail interface, that’s where your data core is located in the first place, right. Draggapp is the best way to enhance your email productivity. Drag allows users to assign, delegate, and keep track of any task or KPI required. Your team will not waste any more time unnecessarily. Plus, team members can be as multitask as they want without getting lost with different tools and procedures.

Wrapping up

Business tools are a necessity for all businesses around the world. They are the key elements that set the path for companies to develop and work properly. The problem is that they usually work alone, catering for specific purposes only. What you need is a business tool designed to make your job more comfortable, like Drag.  


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