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What is G Suite for business?

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G Suite is a set of various tools that Google offers to help employees and business owners. As of 2019 G Mail currently has over 5 million paying subscribers. Very simple to use and it also comes with many useful functions. G Suite is used by big companies, like Uber. Hopefully, we’ll encourage you to make the transition, in case you haven’t had implemented this tool for your work team. Learn all about G Suite, and the additional ways you have to optimize its performance.

G Suite is a software group of tools and features designed to improve a company’s productivity, among other important business aspects. When you first access G Suite you find a primary set of tools. We call it ”primary” because the first one is the basic one, you can upgrade if you want, but it comes with a cost. During the last decade, Google has been developing additional tools and solutions for its users, with outstanding results. No wonder everyone is using it now.

This tool is designed for both individual and business use. Companies using G Suite have to pay in order to get some of its features. Unlimited storage, custom email domain, full customer support at all times and marketing tools. We just mentioned a few, but there are more tools and features. It’s important to know that pricing is per person, not per business if the work team has many members.

Another cool fact about G Suite for businesses is that it doesn’t come with ads. You know how unlikely this is for free software, which is something we G Suite users should be thankful for. Besides being ad-free even on the free edition, there are other features/tools that are worth mentioning.

G Suite’s Features


Drive: This G Suite’s cloud. Launched back in 2012 it stores all data from your company and provides the collaboration aspect of G Suite for all the team members. Since it accepts many file formats you can use without having to download additional and complicated software to your equipment. This is something team members usually appreciate since learning curves with new software can be rather steep.

Gmail: More than a billion users confirm how popular this email client is. The basic edition comes with 30 GB storage capacity. You can upgrade and also get: customized email addresses, like you@yourcompany.com, full customer support at all times, many add-ons from G Suite’s marketplace and unlimited space to store google groups email addresses.

Calendar: Its more than just a calendar, it allows to manage appointments, reminders, and schedules important for you. G Suite offers a variation called smart scheduling which is the ability for workers to other members calendars so they can work together flawlessly in unison.

In addition to it, customers can view any special event from the organization through the use of public calendars. This is a great tool to make customers feel engaged and part of the industry. Remember, these are only a few G Suite’s features but you’ll find more as you explore.

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G Suite Groups, Collaboration, and shared inbox issues

Sadly, no matter how much we love Gmail and G Suite, there are some instances where it runs short on solutions and starts producing issues. It happens when work teams try to use  G Suite Groups as a tool to share emails with large groups. It worked pretty decently until Google decided to add a ”collaborative inbox” feature.

Many companies need a good system for communication. Departments like customer support or sales can have many members working in the same situations. They need a tool that helps them to seamlessly carry on with their email management needs. G Suite was evidently showing big flaws to deliver her, two of the most notorious inconveniencies are:

  • Email assignation can turn to be very confusing when using G Suite groups: This can lead to some unwanted situations, like several people working on the same tasks. It will be confusing to know who should reply an email, which may end on either nobody working on an urgent matter. Or two or more members working the same task.
  • Lack of internal communication channels among members: G Suite groups will create an email for any question, doubt, confirmation or clarification you need to make. Plus such endless thread of emails will be shared with every group member. Inboxed cluttered everywhere.

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The wrap-up

Despite the downside of G Suite with Groups, G Suite, in general, provides many solutions and it does make work easier up to some extent. What you can do, is finding a tool that corrects those issues without using external software and of course, without changing email client since we all totally love G Suite.

Drag is the ultimate tool to overcome these G Suite groups issues in a seamless way, just need to add it as Google Chrome extension.  Do it now and take your email managing solutions to a whole new level.

What you’ll learn inside Drag

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What now?

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