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How Gmail can be your best Helpdesk

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Wait, wait, wait… A Gmail Helpdesk? 

Yes, that’s what you read. We are pretty sure email is the core of your work. Most companies use emails to communicate with their team and partners, set up meetings, give information about their products, etc. So, email is a necessary tool where we spend a lot of our work time. However, sometimes companies don’t realize how can they manage their email better and how inboxes could be more useful for their business.

When it comes to find the perfect Helpdesk solution, it can become a little difficult. Several companies provide a Helpdesk function. Mostly are specific software, and others are Gmail extensions where you can embed it right into your Gmail Inbox.

Today, you’ll read about the benefits and why you should have a Gmail Helpdesk to manage your customer support. Let’s check it out! 

What you should look for in a Helpdesk solution?

You need to search for Helpdesk options that are there to make your job easier. What’s the point of investing in a Helpdesk software that will make your customer support process slower? Or w
here you’ll need to spend lots of time to learn how to use it? Or, worst case scenario, where you’ll pay for features you don’t even use? 

Every Helpdesk solution must have some basic features that will make your work flows better and much more efficient. Such as:

  • Automation of the process, making it easy to reply customers;
  • Delegation and management of tasks;
  • Visual look of the whole process;
  • Shared view for teams – making collaboration possible;
  • Be an intuitive platform;
  • Easy access to important information from users – like company name and official contact;
  • KPIs tracking, such as service rating.

These features are essential when looking for useful Helpdesk solutions. Usually, all Helpdesk options are collaborative systems, but here’s the other point you should consider: are they all centralized systems? 

Why using email for Helpdesk ticketing?

We often feel that we are in several kinds of online services, softwares and products. We use: 

  • Software A to manage projects;
  • B to manage customer relationship;
  • C to manage emails. 

If we think about the amount of time we spent in each software or even switching screens to integrate information from different software, we will immediately conclude that it is more than necessary to find a way to automatically centralize it: integration of information is very demanded by users. Why don’t we make everything work straight from your email inbox? 

Do you know that Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users? It is impossible to say that email is a platform that is falling into disuse. People need email for everything. From signing up on other platforms to getting in touch with other people.

When it comes for using email as Helpdesk ticketing, it equals to centralization of information. In a complex software, it usually works this way: 

  • Complain come as an email;
  • You send this email to the software you use;
  • You work it out there;
  • And then you turn it back as an email, so you can send to your customers.

We can identify that this “switching” platforms step can be cut off, right? This is what and email ticketing system does. You can easily work on it right from your inbox. The advantages of cutting this path:

  • Productivity boost;
  • Improved Collaboration between your team;
  • Transparency in the workflow;
  • And again: centralization.

Here’s the great news: you can find Gmail extensions that can transform your inbox into a Helpdesk and make these points above turn into reality!

Advantages for your team

In terms of pricing, the most affordable software for your company may not be the better option. When looking for for really good Gmail Helpdesk extensions, think about staff training, the features you need, the amount of time you will be saving to learn a new platform, think of everything.

If you don’t like to see your money going away for nothing, you got to be wise. This is major decision for your business.

But let’s talk about the benefits, the advantages of investing in something that will make your activities easier. A Gmail Helpdesk is a great option for companies that want to: 

  • Boost their employees’ productivity;
  • Organize and categorize all emails;
  • Improve customer relationship management;
  • Reduce stress and impatience;
  • Centralize important tasks and routine;
  • And visualize everything in a single place.

If you want to provide a great experience for your team without having to invest a huge amount of money, you should consider getting an Gmail Helpdesk extension.

How to take a step further in email with the right tools

So, you’ve learned how email extensions can be a powerful ally to your work routine. Now what? How can you find the right tool for setting up a Gmail Helpdesk? This is where Drag App comes into scene.

You can easily add our tool into your email, making it possible to have an Gmail Helpdesk available for your company. It turns your inbox into a mix of Gmail and Trello because we have an amazing feature which is the Kanban board. All you need to do to activate Drag is download it here and click on the Drag’s switch that will appear on your inbox.

Our Gmail Helpdesk is intuitive and quite like a game. You can separate your board into steps. So, your emails become cards, and they can be dragged and dropped into different steps or stages of development. You can also: 

  • Add labels to identify the issue or project you’re working on – every task belong somewhere;
  • Assign a card to someone, making delegation easier;
  • Set a due date to every task;
  • Create a checklist;
  • Manage your team and checking their performance through a progress bar.

To set up your team Helpdesk, all you need is to: 

  • Click the boards drop down menu, then click Manage Boards;
  • Select a board (or create one) and click on the add (+) button;
  • Type your peers’ emails addresses;
  • Click Invite;
  • And voilà, all set up!

For $3/solo/month or $49/unlimited/month (both billed on a yearly plan), you can have your own Trello inside your Gmail inbox. Drag also works has a CRM, shared inboxes and centralized workspace. Everything work seamlessly together so you can have a clear understanding of the process for a low monthly cost. 

We truly believe Drag has the potential to promote a unique Gmail Helpdesk experience. It is now your time to try it on! 


A Gmail Helpdesk is a great option for people who like to keep things simple, faster and centralized in one single place. We call it revolutionary because you won’t need to deal with different software and you’ll also see your team productivity grows and an incredible sense of organization and communication among everyone.

Using extensions to boost your email performance and usability will not only make your work routine better, but it is also much more affordable than investing in a huge and complex platform. You should ever consider pricing, adaptation and usability when investing on any kind of business software. 

We truly believe that current Helpdesk options don’t solve the problem as well as it can be solved, so we’re introducing Drag as a disruptive tool, working as a Gmail Helpdesk. Please, feel free to share with us your opinion about using Gmail as a Helpdesk solution. 


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