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How a Helpdesk software can make your team more efficient

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All companies aim to develop the best work environment for its employees. The more satisfied the team, the better the results. But what does it take to make your team more efficient? It depends on what your company deals with, the issues that it faces and its size. What we can affirm is that, in terms of improving your customer support service, a Helpdesk software system can make your team more efficient and willing to work.

Helpdesk software is an essential service for both B2B and B2C companies who need to deal with customer support. It’s simply incredible, seeing you can work with multiple features making it able to organize your customer’s information properly. And not only that but with its unification, you’ll gain control over who’s working on what, you can add tickets, forms and truly visualize the big picture.

Let’s check how a Helpdesk software can positively affect your work routine in customer service.

A helpdesk software creates a unified channel

Lots of companies use call centers and live chat to improve customer experience with their products or services. They also offer support through email, social media and sometimes even on WhatsApp. Having so many channels can be a big challenge for the customer support team.

There is nothing better than controlling everything on one channel. Having a Helpdesk software makes it possible to unify all of your customer’s issues in one single place. When you unify, the processes will get quicker and slowness will no longer be part of your routine. It’s crucial to create a better workflow to keep your team strong.

And what if I say that you can centralize your Helpdesk work in your email? Keep reading this post so you can know how to do it.

Everyone sticks to the same message

Nobody wants a messy and repetitive service. Have you ever imagined what would happen if one customer’s issues would be solved by two members of your team? Or if you didn’t remember if your customer hadn’t spoken to one particular person to solve a problem, only because you don’t have it recorded?

Since your Helpdesk software unifies your customer support service, your team will be on the same page about everything. So, none of these nightmares will happen. This way, you will always know which client hasn’t been answered, if a complaint has been solved, who is talking to that loyal customer, etc.

Ticketing systems make it all easier

Transform your emails into tickets. With automation, Helpdesk software can categorize, prioritize and assign the issue to someone in your team. The ticket management becomes easier than dealing with lots of emails. 

It all usually happens in a ticketing system, that makes customers’ information more easily handleable and your work easier and more intuitive. Through this system, you can see in which stage of your customer support your issue is. 

You can work straight from an email

Helpdesk software is integrated into an email. This is something relatively new, but quite useful for many companies — especially smaller ones. So why invest a considerable amount of resources on expensive software when you can choose for other good options?

This is where Drag App comes in: efficient, yet simple, and cheap.

helpdesk softwareOur software doesn’t add any new logins/websites for your team. It works straight from your email inbox.

Here some functionalities we provide besides Helpdesk:

  • Shared inboxes
  • Kanban board in an email
  • Tasks
  • Checklists
  • CRM
  • Centralize work in one single place, no there is more need to access tens of different platforms every day just to get your team to communicate efficiently.

All you need to do is download and activate it into your inbox by clicking the Drag’s switch. Just as simple as that.

You understand your customers better

Nowadays, the company that understands its customer’s needs and is sensible enough to solve its frustrations has it all! Seriously, everybody wants the magic formula to deal with happy customers and quickly solve the angry ones issues.

It’s very important to keep in mind that if your service doesn’t keep up with your client’s maturity, it will soon be expendable. So, understanding your customer’s needs will help you improve your service, create something more personalized, accurate and more likely to be indicated to other people.

You have more data to base your strategies as if you were creating a knowledge base that will be very useful for your whole work.

By providing a centralized place to communicate with customers, it’ll also be easy to track their needs. However, if you truly want to be more connected to your customer’s feelings, you can’t take your ideas and strategies from nothing.

All of your decisions must be based on real data of your customer’s behavior on your platform by identifying and tracking key metrics. Here, the data is your most precious assetYour productivity grows, and clients become happier

Helpdesks are allies to your team’s productivity. They are meant to automate your work while increasing your productivity. If you handle customer support manually, you may love to know what technology can do for you.

All you need to do is find the right tool, which will be able to make the most for everyone. According to a ManageEngine user survey, 95% of the respondents saw a significant increase in end-user satisfaction levels. Your team becomes happy, and your clients too, so everyone is happy!


It is undeniable that Helpdesk software will make your teamwork more efficient. Generally, these platforms are easy, intuitive and very complete. When choosing a Helpdesk software, you’ll see the processes get quicker, consequently, your customers get happier and your company sells more.

For smaller companies, hiring another service means investing important resources on it, and it’s not just money. We’re talking about the time your team will need to learn and master about a specific tool, and how well they’re going to adapt to that. 

So, we highly recommend you to discuss it with your team, especially with the customer support one, to check if they need any software to boost their performance. Helpdesk software can be the best solution for your company.

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