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Why you should be looking for a HiverHQ alternative

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Although in the email helpdesk market HiverHQ sells itself as management software for teams, after analyzing their service we have seen some aspects that need upgrades.

And it goes beyond just the software itself, expanding to the whole experience provided. Sometimes companies forget their work must begin much before users buy their product/service, and it ends after as well.

For a HiverHQ alternative, we believe these are the key aspects they fall behind.


For instance, let’s say you are a CEO and need to share some emails with your secretary. In Hiver, either all your emails must be shared or you will need two emails. Apart from that, in Drag you can select what emails will be shared, and with a single click, everything you want is in your shared inbox. Everything else? Private to you.

We believe everyone should have their own email, and shared spaces — whether it means another email (such as support@yourcompany) or not. This is where email becomes truly collaborative, and yet safe.

In Hiver, depending on your plan, you can have as low as 2 shared inboxes. At Drag it is unlimited.

Pricing plans

It seems like Hiver has developed a system for small companies which don’t aim to grow. Plans start with not so many features, but as you see them growing, these plans don’t follow. So you would probably have to migrate to another solution as your company gets bigger.

Big team? Hiver might not be the best option for you, as it only supports up to 25 shared inboxes, at some point it won’t be enough.

Also, this plan costs $34/month/user against Drag’s $12. It’s almost 3 times more expensive. In a company with 100 people, it means you save up to $1,300/month.

Bad support

Nothing is as bad that it can’t get worse. Software issues allied to bad support just makes us lose our minds. Hiver clients have had many kinds of issues, such as no refunds and no answers at all.

We’ve seen clients even say “support was non-existent” when talking about issues they had with Hiver.

At Drag, we take our customers very seriously, so we listen to every complain and suggestion, and then we grow from that. We believe that only by achieving a true collaborative feedback system we can develop ourselves as a company and also our software.

Drag has a 5-star Customer Service according to our reviews on Capterra.

With Drag, both emails and tasks become cards, so you’re in just one place, able to do a lot more to manage emails, manage tasks, manage projects, CRM, Help Desk or whatever you want, really.

By centralizing and visualizing everything, Drag reduces the amount of time you spend on managing your emails and on transitioning among different tools.

Here are some other features you can add to your cards:

  • Delegation of emails/ tasks;
  • Due dates and integration with Google Calendar;
  • Add checklists to email/ tasks
  • Shared Internal notes;
  • Reply on behalf of team mates;

All of it. Right into your Gmail team inbox.


If you’ve ever stopped to see HiverHQ in action, you’ll see the company has a good service, but there’s also much room for improvements, especially in what concerns teamwork and helpdesk. And alternatives are many in the market, so you should stop and think about what you and your company really need.

As Drag, a competitor, but before that, a company that believes in the best for customers, our suggestion for before you jump into this tool is to make a good research and look for other small and innovative software, because they can solve what you need for less money — and less other issues as well.

Lastly, check Drag out to see if a Shared Inbox, in Gmail, in a Kanban format fits your needs. Maybe it does 🙂

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