If you work in a team, you probably have had some kind of issue with communication before. Lost or duplicated messages, misunderstood requests, things that take too long to be done. 

You might be surprised, but this is actually very common, many businesses don’t even know how much time — and money — they lose in this process.

To make the most of your productivity and work smarter, we invite you to know what are the new trends happening to team productivity and how you can become a part of them.


Kanban is happening

Kanban is a task management system created by Toyota to improve manufacturing efficiency. It consists of multiple lanes in which tasks are organized and moved across. Originally, lanes represented stages along which the tasks were performed. Currently, there are variations such as per topic, per team member or per date. 

Kanban has many valuable attributes:
It is visual, bringing a holistic view of tasks across different stages;
– It is simple, breaking an amount of tasks down into smaller and manageable pieces;
– It is productive, allowing sorting and prioritization of tasks;
– It just works.

Proven successful in the automotive industry, it has expanded to several other industries such as:

– Software development – with tools such as JIRA
– Project management – with tools such as Trello
– CRM, – with tools such as Pipedrive

The concept has not yet been introduced successfully in Email Inbox (why not?). This is exactly what Drag brings.

Shared Inbox is happening

It’s not news to anyone that collaboration has been taking over the business world over the last couple of years.

Nowadays, people share, collaborate and work together on real time. It’s easy to find several examples of tools that have absolutely exploded across a broad range of communication channels for bringing team collaboration: Dropbox changed the way teams share files with each other; Trello or Asana are great examples for project management; Slack has been revolutionising instant messaging for teams.

One collaboration that has been emerging recently is shared inbox. 

We have already talked about how to share your inbox with your team in our blog. Shared inboxes not only allow an increase in productivity, but also all time saving tools allow workforce to be more united and well communicated.

Nowadays, collaboration in email is something extremely complex, people are forced to find alternative ways to share information by using cc’ing, bcc’ing, forwarding and other functionalities in traditional email tools that are not designed to provide the best experience for teams that want to work collaboratively. 

Tools such as FrontApp have been emerging, combining email and team communication in the same email client, offering a great alternative solution for teams that want to work together on their Inboxes. 


Drag also brings collaboration to email and integrates seamlessly with your Inbox, not intruding in your Email experience.

Inbox Tools are happening

More and more tools live inside your Inbox. Such tools have been altering the traditional Email layout to increase users productivity or to optimize inboxes to specific business models. The idea is to allow people to do more than just exchange emails from their Inboxes, eliminating the need for multiple external tools. 

Your Inbox is not just a place you can only send and receive messages.

Inbox tool is every application that provide new functionalities to your email. Some successful examples are:

  • Streak – provides CRM functionality in email;
  • Todoist for Gmail – brings task management inside your Inbox;
  • Drag – brings to-do’s, CRM, helpdesk and other functionalities straight into your email inbox.

This allows people to manage multiple activities from one single place, and the place people spend most of their time: their Inbox.

The result: Shared Kanban in Inbox.

As you may noticed, many trends are taking over the World of business when it comes to team productivity.

Kanban has been proven successful across different industries as a powerful productivity system;

Shared Inboxes are becoming more and more popular with the demand of teams to work collaboratively on their email;

Inbox tools are coming to superpower Inboxes and enable people to centralize their business activities into one single place: their inbox.

As you hopefully noticed, Drag is the only tool that brings Kanban, collaboration and integration with Inbox into one single tool. 

If you start using Drag, you’ll even see how it can help you through much more than just email. Our drag’n’drop system will make everything easier to be organized, and once you understand what are your priorities, you will save so much time. And then you’ll be addicted, just like we are 🙂 

As simple as it sounds, many people still don’t know the potentiality they could have in their hands. 

What you’ll learn inside Drag

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