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How to market your MVP before launch.

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??? How to market your MVP before launch.  ???

Inside Scoop, Inside Drag: Episode 007 | April 2017

“Today I am going to talk about how to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before your official, big launch. It sounds silly but it’s not. It’s important to start driving marketing and sales before your formal product launch.

There are a lot of places that help you do this. Today I am going to talk about where these are.

What’s in this Episode?

Lots of beta release places

List on Product Hunt

List on Reddit

List on BetaList

Search on Google

SEO Cambridge

Resources from this Episode

Product Hunt – An absolutely amazing place to launch your product.
Product Hunt – A strict but lucrative community if you are genuine and engage in discussion instead of promote.
Beta List – A purpose-built pre-launch place to launch your products.

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