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How to organize email with Gmail


If you open Google’s website and search for solutions to organize email with Gmail, you will find yourself looking at several solutions: dedicated software, Gmail extensions, plugins and etc.

So, Gmail is an incredible tool that many people don’t use as efficiently as they could. Many people don’t know how far they can go using Gmail. They don’t know how Gmail can simplify, minimize and optimize steps on your work routine. 

Do you know that the average worker spends 28% of their work week on email? That means that we spend more than 11 hours a week! That’s not cute.

When we come across these statistics, we tend to be shocked. But that’s true. We spend too much time opening, reading, forwarding, answering emails. And if you receive tons of emails daily that’s even worse. 

So how can we increase productivity and work better? How can we organize a routine that can boost our motivation? Today, we will see how you can organize Gmail very simply, yet effectively.

Archive Emails

Rule number one: don’t be too attached. Forget the fear of archiving old messages. They won’t go away, they’ll just go to a new place, a new home: your Gmail archive. In case you feel like you’ll need it in the future, just archive it. It’s simple. 

  • Add it to a folder;
  • Archive it, so it will be easily found in the future;
  • Snooze it.

If you delete something, it goes to the Trash, and usually stays there for 30 days until it’s automatically deleted. But, if you archive, magic happens, your messages are swiped off your inbox and archived (duh) on a folder. A safe folder, to be specific. 

Attention: Avoid overusing the Archive button or you’d be just transferring all clutter from inbox to somewhere else! Think about it as it would be with your mail. If you put everything you don’t need anymore in a drawer, at some point this drawer will be so full that you’ll have to open it and review everything again before sending most of it to its final destination – the trash.

Delete what you don’t need

If it doesn’t sparks joy (hope you get the Marie Kondo reference), then you won’t need it. That being said, don’t be afraid of selecting which one should stay and which one should go.

Stop accumulating emails that you won’t ever read anymore. Start by deleting every email that isn’t relevant. Don’t be generous, cut all you don’t need and just let it go. It can be painful if you’re the type of person who gets so attached to emails, but this has to go. 

Reaching inbox zero is a reality that may seem so far away. And, in fact, it isn’t very easy. But don’t feel threatened about it. If you separate 10 minutes to archive and/or delete emails every day, you’ll have your inbox closer to zero! At any moment, you’ll reach inbox zero and that precious feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

You can choose to delete your emails, you can choose to archive them. It doesn’t matter. What really matters is getting that zero number on your inbox. Whether your organization email on folders, multiple and shared inboxes, you have to keep as few emails (or zero emails) as possible in your inbox and label the ones you have to answer or track later. 

And if you don’t want to reach inbox zero, you can just archive and delete emails you don’t want or need and organize your inbox in a way that doesn’t stress you out. 

Organize email like a boss with Drag

Ok. All these tips are a great way to start organizing your inbox. But how can you go to the next level of email management? Well… we have the answer: Drag App (us, lol). 

Organize email with Gmail gets simpler with Drag. Our solution is an extension that works specifically for Gmail and allows your company to have a full experience on email management. With Drag, everything is possible when it comes to track, organize, record and manage your inbox the way it should be. 

Drag allows you to have a Kanban board view, CRM, Helpdesk and Shared Inbox.  It means that we are thinking on the way you interact with your email and the way you visualize it. We believe that dynamic, visual and centralized boards will help you achieve your goals even faster. 

Our extension reduces the amount of time you spend on managing your emails and on transitioning among different tools. Everything works seamlessly together so you can have a clear understanding of the process.

Since we take the organization very seriously, you can try many different ways to organize email with Drag. For example, you can create a shared inbox with your team, where you choose which emails to share. As part of our delegation functionality, you can use your cards (emails) to delegate it easily without any of the limitations brought by Gmail. You just need to choose the person you want to delegate it. Very simple. 

So, as you can see, organizing your inbox is not just deleting and archiving emails. It is beyond that. There are many ways to keep your inbox organized and Drag is here to help you! 


We can conclude that there are many different ways to organize email and making your inbox visually better and clean. Less clutter equals more space and sense of organization.

What we all need to do as email users is to understand our limits, set a daily activity that fits in our routine without compromising our work. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable seeing a cluttery inbox, you should definitely set goals that aims to reduce these feelings and make you feel better.

Some people feel they need to reach inbox zero in order to become less stressed out, others are okay with having some emails there and just want to get rid of some emails. So, it’s very important to understand it and transform your mindset into a more reachable reality. 

This is not a cake recipe. You don’t need to follow these steps. We list these steps to help you organize a routine and see if it works well for you. But always keep in mind that emails shouldn’t let you stressed out, unproductive and overwhelmed. It’s just a work tool that will help you to do your job.

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