Improve your project management experience with this 4 painless ideas

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What about taking a minute to list which were your last three great successful projects? Our goal with this challenge is to provoke a reflection and rescue in your memory what made these projects have such a positive outcome for your company. Whether it is the low and effective budget, a good marketing strategy or even investing in a new project management platform, we can guarantee you that behind every successful project, there is someone with great project management experience taking wise decisions for the company. 

Such a meaningful position needs impressive management. But how to take your project management experience to the next level? Here are four tips to encourage you to become a real project management expert:

Learn how to deal with people

People and talent are any company’s most precious asset. Without them, you can not take anything forward. If you know how to properly manage your team, there’s a huge chance your product will be a success as well. To avoid future corrections and “rework”, you need to make a high standard selection of the type of person you want for your team. Ask yourself: What skills and expertise do my new colleagues need to be in my team? What is my leadership style and how can this affect others? 

When you keep it in mind, you’ll be able to draw the best profiles to make a successful team. You need to know yourself so you can build and gather similar or complementary personalities. A great project management experience comes through knowing how to deal with a team, how to keep them motivated, how to solve their frustrations and, most importantly, how to give space and make them stand out. 

If you already have a team formed by incredible professionals, you can think about their strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks that highlight their strengths. Have empathy and always listen to them. After all, they are the ones who will put everything to work. 

Think about what skills you need to develop

Having a great project management experience also requires knowing how to promote a project not only for external players but also for its team. As a challenge, ask yourself what soft and hard skills do you need to develop in order to outstanding.

It can be leadership, communication, public speaking, self-discipline, having a more positive approach… There are several ways to go. In this case, self-knowledge is necessary to know where you need to improve. Build and develop your project management career based on these skills and be a rockstar! 

Consider taking some classes

In other words, in order for you to learn new skills, you may need to have some project management training. E-learning is the way to go. A project management expert is always in the process of learning, keeping themselves updated and within every news from the market. 

Try to sign a productivity or management newsletter with tips to read in the morning. Or you can even set a goal of reading two or three blog articles per day related to your business. It doesn’t matter what you’ll be doing, as long as you always learn new stuff.

Do you know that 42% of companies say that e-learning has led to increasing revenue? So what is your excuse to not try it today? Let’s level up your project management skills.

Use software to your advantage

We do know that every project management rockstar usually inherits from its past team a series of spreadsheets, templates, Gantt charts, trackers, scopes and so on. This is a common and very safe practice in the transition period between old and new teams.

However, you need to find the best way to do your job. Sometimes, the way a job has been done is not the best for you and for your team. Believe us, these inherited templates will change with every new project you get, because adaptations and changes will always be part of your routine. 

So there is a lot of software out there – some free, others paid – to meet your demands. You can find software for almost everything you need. A great tip right now is to list all kinds of software you need and make a quick Google search to see if there is affordable software for you. If you are looking for a good project management tool, for example, we recommend taking a glimpse at our product, Drag App.

Our software provides one of the best cost-benefit project management tools in the market. It starts at $3/solo/month or $49/unlimited/month (both billed on a yearly plan).

It doesn’t add any new logins/websites for your team, works straight from your Gmail Inbox and you’ll get: 

  • Shared inboxes
  • Kanban board view
  • Tasks and checklists
  • CRM

Since it works straight from your email inbox, it is great for people who are looking to centralize information in a single platform. Basically, information will no longer be centralized in one persons’ archives and everyone will have access to the same data.

The Kanban approach helps our users visualize and organize their inboxes in cards so they can check deadlines, progress bars, schedules, and more. Shortly: you’ll have one single inbox to manage projects! 

All you need to do is download it here and activate it into your inbox by clicking the Drag’s switch.


Self-knowledge is everything. You need to understand yourself first, your leadership style and your approach on your business to be on your way to fully improve your project management experience. This is a truly important step because every decision you take will be related to your management profile. 

By knowing you, you’ll allow yourself to build a team with complementary personalities and highly skilled colleagues. Don’t be afraid to revisit your mind in search of characteristics that define your personality. If you do that, you’ll be doing a favor not only for your team and your company but also for your journey as a project management rockstar. How about starting now to rock your way to the top?

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