Why shared inboxes can change the way your team works

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If you are familiarized with the concept of a shared inbox, you probably have already heard people saying that it changes the way you work with your team and how serious collaboration is taken on businesses because of this functionality. 

However, if shared inbox is a new concept for you, don’t worry. We’ve been speaking about it for a while and we are thrilled to share it with you. Here in our blog, you will find lots of articles about shared inboxes, their benefits and ways to use it. 

To our benefit, as well as many other business communication tools, email has evolved. We are living in a world where technology is constantly changing and adapting to our needs. According to a study conducted by Queens University of Charlotte, about 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”. 

In a world that is prioritizing for collaboration, shared inbox has emerged as an important next era of email communication. But, today we are here to show you how and why shared inboxes change the way your whole organization deal with its customers and stakeholders. Yes, a simple form of managing email can change it all. 

Shared inboxes change how your team communicates

Do you deal with miscommunication on your work routine? We bet you do. Even in the most perfect company in the world, they probably deal or have already dealt with miscommunication. The lack of communication can result in several issues. Some easier to solve, others (very) harder.

In order to keep your team on the same page, shared inboxes will make them organized and aligned with everything. You can create several shared inboxes and choose who you want to involve in it.

Working and communicating in a team sometimes can get a little difficult. People have different ways to get organized and to communicate overall. It is perfectly normal for you to have a different way to get things done than your colleague.

However, when those ways aren’t aligned, it can confuse some colleagues when they don’t know what page the whole team is. There are many solutions to that, of course, and all these ideas aim to increase transparency in the team:

  • Team meetings;
  • Spreadsheets;
  • Team newsletters;
  • Task management software.

But until now, a different approach on email management wasn’t in that list. At Drag, a shared inbox has made our team transparency become something just natural. You know what is going on because you are a part of everything. Besides that, every change is visual, so it’s easy to keep track of what happened while you weren’t looking to your inbox.

So no more lost information, no more switching apps. An email was probably the first account you created on the internet, and it remains useful nowadays. We just want to boost it so much that you won’t want to replace it anymore.

Shared inboxes: how to install it into your Gmail account

This is as easy as creating an email. You need, of course, to have a Gmail account. After installing Drag App extension (available only for Gmail), all you gotta do is: 

  • Switch de Drag App button;
  • Click on “manage boards”;
  • Then add your shared board;
  • And invite your team to the board.

That’s it. 

Using shared inboxes

You can use shared inboxes for several occasions and aims. We are going to list one of the best benefits you get by using shared inboxes: 

1) Centralize work

With many tools available, some teams work across several platforms daily. By moving through them, sometimes pieces of information get lost and team members lose themselves in the middle of it all.

With Drag, the idea is to centralize communication and project management. This way, email can work as a digital hub, centralizing work in a single platform that covers CRM, Helpdesk and shared inboxes.

2) Delegate

Although you can assign messages to team members in traditional email accounts, by sharing inboxes, you bring speed and transparency in the process to your team. When everyone knows what’s really going on, you get collaboration and productivity.

However, be careful. If there’s not a person in your team to manage the workflow, members of shared inboxes should have a look sometimes at unanswered emails. One big issue teams face is miscommunication in their shared inboxes.

3) Boost productivity

Shared inboxes change the way you deal with productivity. By dealing with emails in a faster and more transparent way, your customers will be happier and so your team. 

Instead of investing in training and dynamics to make your team’s productivity growth, you should consider changing a way of dealing with such a simple daily task as email. If we create a new narrative for a job we are “mechanically” doing, we can achieve higher goals and actually make it very fun, visual and easy to work with.


Email traversed a long evolution path. Slowly, what was seen as an individual is becoming a platform to promote collaboration between teams. 

Shared inboxes work very well, they just need some set up done to make it perfect for your company. It’s your duty to find the most advanced and yet simple to use tool to your company. And it totally worths it.

You wouldn’t be looking for an email solution if everything was fine in your company. Like all solution, it requires changes in mindset and routine. You’ve got to work in order to achieve these changes. The more you’re active about this, most your company will make from this change.

So, as beautiful as ideas sound, they need to be put into practice. Challenge yourself, challenge your team. Changes are there to be made and guide us to achieve more productivity and a better workflow. Tell us, are you willing to challenge yourself and present this change for your team? 

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