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Sortd vs Drag: Take Your Own Conclusions

By 9th August 2018February 4th, 2021No Comments
sortd vs drag

It’s quite easy to get lost among so many software options when it comes to Gmail. Nowadays, there are so many different tools you can choose, and sometimes instead of making life more comfortable, it just gets more complicated, so you’ve got to make sure you’re making the right decision. Sortd is a good app, but we firmly believe several gaps must be considered before you choose it.

Some Sortd aspects we would like to highlight when it comes to choosing an alternative are:

  • It completely rebrands your Gmail experience;
  • It’s not a shared inbox;
  • Limited collaboration features;
  • Everything is manual;

So let’s jump on these issues and consider whether Sortd is the best Gmail app or not.

Sortd completely rebrands your Gmail experience

Besides other issues, one thing you should really consider is how software like Sortd changes your email inbox appearance. It completely rebrands your whole Gmail experience, which demands a lot of time and energy to make you get used to a new interface. This creates a huge barrier to users: a slow learning curve, and losing time on long onboardings.

Besides, if it doesn’t do simple tasks, you’ll be obligated to switch between software and email all day. This is the complete opposite of the reason why software like this exists.


Unlike Sortd, with Drag you can have the real Gmail experience. It changes everything in a way that allows you to run your workflow in a much better way from your inbox. But it keeps Gmail visually the same.

Having a tool that completely integrates with Gmail on its appearance decreases the amount of new information you need to learn something new. Consequently, your team gets more productive and focused on the results.

Besides that, Drag brings not just the Kanban view, but also the list view into your email. You should choose what fits more to your purposes and preferences.
sortd alternative drag

Sortd is not a shared inbox

Although Sortd offers some resources for team collaboration, it isn’t a shared inbox software. In other words, they’re about converting an email to a task and sharing this task with the team.

One of the first aspects that come to users’ minds when they’re looking for an alternative to boost their email is how they can make it more collaborative to their team. Sortd feels collaborative because users can “share boards” with each other. But when you think about replying to emails on behalf of each other or receiving emails from shared inboxes such as [email protected] simultaneously, Sortd simply doesn’t allow it.

Meanwhile, Drag has dynamic shared inboxes, where emails come in real-time to shared email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] Moreover, all the team members can read and reply to the emails as part of the team. And you can convert your emails into static tasks too.

Drag is the only shared inbox that doesn’t add any new logins/websites for your team because it works straight from your Gmail Inbox. So you won’t need to share the login and password of your team email address.

Besides, Drag helps to centralize work because the boards are highly customizable. It means that you can turn your board into a Helpdesk, a sales pipeline, and for several other purposes.

Limited collaboration features

With just an email/task assignment for emails, an internal chat, and a follow-up reminder, Sortd lacks more complex features.

Drag also lets you assign tasks and emails to other teammates Additionally, for a full collaboration experience, it allows the whole team to work together on drafts before sending them. This means you can have someone drafting an email for you, so you can review and send it later.

sortdAnother useful feature makes it possible for teammates to reply on behalf of each other (e.g. your executive assistant sending emails as you), or reply as a shared inbox like [email protected]

Everything in Sortd is manual

With Sortd you need to do almost everything manually because it doesn’t have any workflow automation. On the other hand, Drag allows you to automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what is more important at work.


For example, emails from a certain customer can be moved automatically to a certain board, be assigned to the right team member, and receive the relevant tags.

dragapp sortd alternative

You can also automate the repetitive emails you send, by using Drag’s email templates. Besides saving the time you would spend typing them, you can also share these templates with the rest of your team to keep your processes consistent.

Besides, you can ally templates with the email sequences feature. It allows you to schedule follow-ups to increase your response rates. With a few clicks you can set up your follow up emails, and Drag takes care of the rest for you.


Although everything we just presented, you might still think Sortd is the best option for you and your company. If this is the case, go for it!

However, is Sortd a software you should have a look before choosing a final option? Definitely. But is it your best choice?

We believe that a Sortd alternative — the right one for you — have already thought about all of these simple aspects and solved them.

No software is flawless, but choose one that delivers at least the necessary items you need for your overall experience on their platform.

Also, it is crucial to understand your needs and how much resources (time, people, and money) you have available to invest in it.

Sortd vs Drag: the wiser decision

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