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Inside Scoop, Inside Drag: Episode 001 | March 2017

“We have an idea to make email into organized lists, just like Trello. It’s been done in the sales industry with Pipedrive, it’s been done in the Project Management industry with Trello and Asana and it’s been done in the Software space with Atlassian (Jira) and Pivotal Tracker.”

What’s in this Episode?

Google your Startup idea

Find out about competitors

How good is the competition?Β 

Resources from this Episode

Pipedrive – Brilliant Sales CRM for small teams
Trello – Free Project Management tool (widely used)
Jira – Project Management tool for developers (most popular)
Pivotal Tracker – Project Management tool for developers (we use this one)
FrontApp – Shared Inbox, don’t have Kanban or some other features we have πŸ™‚
Yesware – Great Sales Tracking tool for Gmail
Sortd – One of the older Kanban in email tools
Crunchbase – The best place to find out about investments in technology products.

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