Different ways to use a Gmail Shared Inbox

8th May 2018 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox

Sharing emails might sound a bit challenging in the first place, but it can beย much easier than you expect. There are some external tools that allow teams to collaborate on email. Others,ย like Drag,ย allow teams to do it right from inside Gmail, in a Gmail Team Inbox.

Regardless of the workflow your team uses, there is always a different method your team can adopt to collaborate on Gmail, so donโ€™t worry. Here are some of the ideas.

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G Suite Shared Mailbox: you are (probably) doing it wrong!

1st May 2018 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox


Just in case you donโ€™t know, G Suite is a service provided by Google and allows users to personalize its products according to a certain domain โ€” and branding. Itโ€™s commonly used by companies which want to keep consistency of their visuals and improve the overall experience across platforms. It also provides optimized tools to increase productivity.

However, even with investment on these tools, many companies still commitย mistakesย that hurt their productivity.ย The way of managing G Suiteย shared mailboxes is one of them.

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New Gmail designs leaked (with screen shots)

20th April 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

New Gmail image

Here at Drag we work directly with Gmail โ€” and so does our tool โ€”, so itโ€™s our interest to keep track of what changes will concern this incredible email service provided by Google. New Gmail? Let’s go!

Last week, Google revealed how the most popular email provider will look like in the short future. Many changes are expected to happen still in the first semester of 2018. These changes will start on the visuals. The new screens will be much closer to Googleโ€™s Material Design concepts, making it more attractive to users.

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How to Make Email Stress-Free

24th January 2018 in Email Productivity

Email is the most used communication tool today. However, managing email isnโ€™t always easy. Have you ever felt stressed out about receivingย too many emails? Right, you are not the only one.

As it is with anything we use constantly, when not well managed, emails get messy and it gets hard to find the information you want,ย stressing you out, and here we go again.ย 

And while you consume hours and hours of your day to get your messy Inbox on track, more emails are coming in. And thenย you start feeling guilty if youโ€™re not answering your messages.
Ok, letโ€™s cool down.
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How to organize Gmail like a boss

18th January 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

As with almost everything you use on a daily basis, emails get quite messy when you donโ€™t organize them, especially if you want to organize Gmail. Although many people struggle every day, others have learned tricks on how to optimize time and keep things organized. This is what I want to share with you all today.

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The Inbox of the Future

9th October 2017 in Email Productivity

Technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and do business. Email has been losing space to other communication tools such as social media and instant message apps, and will only keep its position as the leading business communication channel if it evolves.

The Inbox of the future will be collaborative, “all-in-one” and more flexible and customizable. Here’s how.
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