Why you should be looking for Front App alternatives

31st July 2018 in Front App alternative

If you have landed in this page, you may be familiar with Front App and its Shared Inbox solution. Front App is good, but not great. There are so many limitations introduced when you decide to switch from your traditional email provider to a completely new tool. Learn which limitations in Front App should be leading you to look for Front App alternatives.

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Key Front App painpoints an alternative tool may overcome

16th July 2018 in Front App alternative

Like a good Helpdesk solution, Front is able to solve problems, has several functionalities and their own platform. But for its price, many companies can’t afford it. So they should be aware of what kind of needs their software should solve and check if there are more suitable options for a lower price. 

Some of Front’s key features are:

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What essential features does a Front App alternative need?

10th July 2018 in Front App alternative

Front is able to solve a big problem: email team management. They have different and multiple functionalities, channels, integrations and they have their own email client. So how do other alternatives overcome Front?

By making work faster and simpler. Some alternative companies provide solutions for the same email team management problem at a same level but are simpler and affordable. You should be aware of what kind of needs their software should solve.

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Looking for an affordable Front App alternative?

4th July 2018 in Front App alternative

For many users, Front has a very good software, but not all of them know what else is available in the market. When you figure out what other opportunities softwares can provide to your company, you might even see that you’re missing out with Front.

Although their tool is very good and works properly, in the long term Front isn’t always practical. And agility is an important aspect when it comes to dealing with email, clients’ complains and other aspects of communication.

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Shared Inbox: 5 killing softwares to boost your team productivity

4th April 2018 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox, Help Scout alternative, Front App alternative, Hiver HQ alternative

If shared inbox is a new concept for you, don’t worry. We’ve been speaking about it for a while, as you can see here

We love it, and think you should love it too. If it’s finally time for you to start using shared inboxes but don’t know which tool to go for, we have gathered a list with the top 5 softwares that provide shared inbox, so you can look up for each one of them and make your decision.

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