The essential features Zendesk alternatives must have

21st May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk is the biggest name in Help Desk software. Biggest isnโ€™t always bestย for everyone. I have witnessed lots of startup products emerge, and slowly mature into robust, stable and feature-rich products. But is this always the best way?

Iโ€™m going to talk about featuresย Zendesk alternatives need to haveand specifically what you may want (and need) from another Help Desk software that helps you support customers as simply, easily and economically as possible. Continue reading »

Looking for an affordable Zendesk alternative?

17th May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk is a great software. Period. But what should you do when looking for an affordable Zendesk alternative?

Okay, their service is full of features. Do you need all of them?

Starting there, you will gain another perspective. Why donโ€™t you start scratching off every feature you donโ€™t really need at the moment?ย Perhaps you can find an affordable Zendesk alternative that fits better your needs – and budget.ย 

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The 4 best Zendesk alternatives

15th May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk is one of the biggest players, not to say the biggest, when it comes to helpdesk softwares. Many companies trust their services enormously โ€” and they can handle it.

Although they have a killer solution,ย not always the most complete solution works best for everyone,ย as companies have different priorities and needs.ย Zendesk alternatives exist in big number across the whole internet, you just need to navigate throughout the different value propositions and find the perfect solution for your company.

To save you time, we developed a list with some companies you should have a look at before choosing what Zendesk alternatives works best for your team.

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What is the most intuitive Zendesk alternative?

14th May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk has proven itself one of the most useful Helpdesk platforms on the market. Proof of this is simply its reputation in the sector and stunning $500 mil turnover.ย Being able to provide a great customer support used not to be easy before Zendesk. Today, the multimillionaire company proved helpdesk systems are not just a competitive differential, but a requirement for businesses.

When looking for Helpdesk solutions, Zendesk is the biggest but not the only one. Many companies, offer a different value proposition that might have a better fit with your company, especially if you are in a small team.ย So, how can something out-stand a solution like it?

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Is Zendesk the best universal Helpdesk solution?

7th May 2018 in Zendesk alternative

Zendesk’sย success has proved that its founding team was right about the need for change in the Helpdesk software industry. Zendesk has proven that companies needย to have a dedicated system to provide customer support and that this system needs to be something intuitive and that employees enjoy using. The question here is:

Would Zendesk be an absolute, universal solution for every company in the World?

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How to use email as a Help Desk

24th December 2017 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox

Help Desks are very handy to companies. Period. But still, we donโ€™t think they solve the problem as efficiently as they could. Can you imagine a scenario in which your work goes unified in order to solve customersโ€™ issues?

Think about it, technologies come and go every day. It has become common for people to forget about tools and social networks they used to be part of (e.g. Flickr, MySpace and even Twitter). Although these tools still exist, they usually go through a wave of use โ€” which keeps increasing until it breaks.

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