Different ways to use a Gmail Shared Inbox

8th May 2018 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox

Sharing emails might sound a bit challenging in the first place, but it can be much easier than you expect. There are some external tools that allow teams to collaborate on email. Others, like Drag, allow teams to do it right from inside Gmail, in a Gmail Team Inbox.

Regardless of the workflow your team uses, there is always a different method your team can adopt to collaborate on Gmail, so don’t worry. Here are some of the ideas.

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5 Steps to Turn Gmail into a Team Inbox

4th May 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

Team Inbox is becoming quite popular among businesses. Mostly because it is changing email as we know it – in other words, that same un-collaborative place.

Email was firstly designed to be used as a direct channel, very similar to physical mail. However, as companies have been urging for more collaboration on their business activities, the concept of “Team Inbox” has emerged and rapidly spread across thousands of organizations.

Now it’s your turn to do the same, which is why we prepared 5 simple steps to turn Gmail into the perfect Shared Inbox for your team — transforming it into a productivity machine.

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G Suite Shared Mailbox: you are (probably) doing it wrong!

1st May 2018 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox


Just in case you don’t know, G Suite is a service provided by Google and allows users to personalize its products according to a certain domain — and branding. It’s commonly used by companies which want to keep consistency of their visuals and improve the overall experience across platforms. It also provides optimized tools to increase productivity.

However, even with investment on these tools, many companies still commit mistakes that hurt their productivity. The way of managing G Suite shared mailboxes is one of them.

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How to share your inbox with a team

12th November 2017 in Shared Inbox, Team inbox, Best of

Team inbox is still an unknown. Companies rely on a single email address, cc’ing in teams, or using big helpdesks to solve problems. But, does it really solve the problem?

We’re launching shared inbox (Drag Team boards) so you can work with your team to organize, comment and reply to emails, together. We think we’re onto something, but before you agree, here’s my view on the other options.

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