CRM in SaaS: 4 good practices

18th January 2019 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox


All companies want to deliver exactly the service that its customers needs. Therefore, they need to know who are their customers, what do they do, where they are and how to approach them at the right time. 

When you don’t have so many clients, it is quite easy to manage all of your customer’s information. But what to do when your company is getting bigger and bigger? The answer is quite simple: get a Customer Relationship Management system. 

 d facility are consequences of using a Kanban board. Once you become adopt any Kanban tool in your work routine, you will not want to get rid of it. 

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Why Kanban has become extremely useful for business

16th January 2019 in Email Productivity, Kanban Email, Shared Inbox


Imagine living in world were every day you have to deal with overflowing email inboxes, lack of communication in the workspace and dissatisfaction. If you are lucky enough, you have never dealt with it before. But, unfortunately, many people have.

To solve these issues, there are many softwares and tools being developed every single day and tested by companies to boost creativity, productivity and improve workflow. And this is where the Kanban tool enters.

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What is the CRM meaning and how to use it in your company

14th January 2019 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox


In order to make clients start and keep on consuming your product/service, you need to nurture a good relationship with them. It not only makes them more likely to be loyal to your brand, but also helps them improve their businesses more easily as well.If you’re like most companies and use email, at some point you will  probably need some kind of system that will organize clients’ information, so you know exactly what each one of them is in need of.

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How a Helpdesk software can make your team more efficient

10th January 2019 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox


All companies aim to develop the best work environment for its employees. The more satisfied the team, better the results. But what does it take to make your team more efficient? There is not a single answer. It depends on what your company deal with, the issues that it faces and its size. What we can affirm is that, in terms of improving your customer support service, a Helpdesk software system can definitely make your team more efficient and willing to work. Continue reading »

Customer feedback in SaaS: how to collect and act on it

15th December 2018 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox

Every company wants to solve their customers problems in the most efficient way. Instead of guessing what your customer is feeling about your software, they can give you straight answers if you open a space/channel for it.


Actually, it’s simple. In order to make your customer give a positive or negative feedback about your software, you need to create opportunities on your website where they can feel safe and prepared to share their feedbacks. 

This is not only positive for them, but for your company. They are your customers, so they are feeling what needs to be improved. And which company wouldn’t like to deliver better experiences for their customers? Helpdesk systems can help you with that — and so much others can too.

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Notes in Email: make your workflow smoother

14th December 2018 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox

As productivity tools, emails are quite useful. They’ve existed for quite a while, and most everyone knows how to use it and it can be very simple.

However, until now they have been used just individually. In other words, they’re personal accounts that don’t offer collaboration— only if you copy someone in an email, which gets many people in confusing situations.

For many this is the standard email configuration, but others already know how to add collaboration to email. This is a change with no turning back, and teams love it.

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Why your company should invest in an email ticketing system

7th December 2018 in Email Productivity

Helpdesk systems are great inventions, they help your company out with customer issues and how you solve them, but does your company need them?

To be honest, you most probably need it. Dealing with customers isn’t something you can take for granted, so don’t mess with their happiness. After all, an email ticketing system deals with just that, so take some time to think about what kind of service you’re offering and how it could be improved for customers with issues, questions or any other kind of need for communication. 

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