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Tandem app is shutting down: Need an alternative?

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Tandem’s most recent announcement is that they’ll be shutting down next May. This heartbreaking news will have a substantial impact on its users. Learn about the best alternative to make an excellent transition for your Gmail Label and Shared Inbox needs.

As you may know, Tandem has been providing support for companies to optimize their Google-based email accounts. Although they provide more services. Their main features include Group email, shared Gmail labels, and Google Apps integration. In addition to these features, they also provide project management, customer service, and sales support for businesses. Now that they’re shutting down, it’s time to see other available options their users will have. This means finding an alternative that offers the same services plus the added value.

Another giant making big changes

Additional to Tandem’s closing, there was also another critical and recent shut down: Google Inbox. The innovative mailbox that ran for many years has recently changed to a newer version that is supposed to be more appealing for users.

Unlike Tandem, Google Inbox is not entirely closing but shifting towards a new way to handle your emails. Smart automatic replies and an intuitive calendar that can be integrated directly with emails are just a few of the latest changes being implemented.

Despite the new changes, Gmail users still feel like there’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of its organizational approach. In other words, it may work perfectly for individual use, but when a company uses it as a collaborative tool, that’s when things get complicated, entangled, and ultimately unfit to address precise business needs. This will inevitably affect productivity and even profitability.

 It’s vital for companies to find new allies that can help them optimize their processes, especially in certain divisions, like sales or customer support.

Why is Drag the best option?

Drag is simply the best option to overcome any business issue you may have due to Tandem’s closing. It also applies to Google Inbox’s new changes. Our software works directly from your Gmail’s inbox, so there’s no need for you to add new websites or logins. Drag combines many solutions that will enhance communication between your work team members in the most seamless way possible. If you’re having issues with any of the following aspects, then Drag is your best alternative:

  • Kanban in email
  • Shared inboxes
  • Helpdesk
  • CRM
  • Tasks
  • Optimization by centralizing work in one single space.

With Drag you do not need to access multiple platforms to be able to communicate with your different team members. You and your team members will be on the same page, learning faster and achieving goals together. Shared boards within your email interface, plus Helpdesk and CRM functionalities will centralize work to enhance productivity.

Kanban in email

Kanban in email is another fantastic and helpful feature from Drag that will make your emails to pop up visually. This is extremely useful for sales or customer support teams who handle several emails from clients/providers. Those tasks require strict tracking and follow-up processes.

There’s a whole set of features you can add in a kanban board include, but are not limited to:

  • Delegation of tickets
  • Customer info, such as phone number and company
  • Progress bar
  • Due dates
  • Checklists
  • Internal notes

This type of email optimization guarantees that everyone in the team knows the stage of each process.  In addition, team leaders will have more visibility to delegate and track email statuses.

Drag’s added value its time. Every company that manages its sales and customer service processes in a timely and efficient manner will boost its productivity. Tandem users would otherwise have to spend time learning how to use another tool. Now, with Drag, there’s no need to do that because it works from inside Gmail.

You can start enjoying the wonders of Drag very quickly. All you need to do is get it here. Then activate it in the inbox just by clicking the switch. As simple as that!!

The wrap-up

Both Tandem and Google Inbox provided terrific service, and both of its users should never settle for any less. That’s why we at Drag are ready to take your shared inbox needs to a whole new level.


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