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We had an idea a few months ago.
Life’s about freedom but emails are probably the thing you need to do the most each day, they stop you from being free. They stop you from being productive.

There’s more to life than attending to emails each day. Free up your time and be more productive at work, or dare I say it, even work less (and have more spare time to do the things you love).

So, we created Drag. We had the idea a few months ago and launched the MVP April 2017.

First month, we were featured on the Chrome Store (reaching 1.9 million daily views), we launched on Product Hunt and were voted top and we were featured in some awesome publications such as LifeHacker, Taiwan National News, and The American Genius.

Since then, things have exploded. We reached 10,000 installs the first month and we’re experiencing traction.

We then had a second idea. Inside Drag.

Can we help your startup journey?

We created Inside Drag, a blog to share everything we do.

“ We want to share how we’re growing Drag. We want to do it from the beginning so you learn as we do. And, we’re sharing everything.”

It will cover absolutely everything. We want to cover our big wins, and sometimes, even bigger fails, how we build our product, how we hack success, how we hire, how we get featured on the Chrome store, how we raise investment, and all other things that work towards building a successful startup.

We want to share how we’re growing Drag. We want to do it from the beginning so you’ll learn as we do. And, we’re sharing everything.”

There’s a ton of knowledge out there. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be ‘a fly on the wall’ of a startup. This is our attempt. 

What you’ll learn.

Starting now, we’re aiming to share what our plans are, how we’re doing and what lessons we’re learning along the way.

You’ll get:

  • Just like this article, you’ll get real-time updates on what’s happening, what’s working and how it feels in a startup.
  • Quick videos explaining quick wins and how to grow your business
  • Live Instagram updates. Real-time stories of what’s happening

What now?

This is our attempt at sharing everything. It’s as simple as that You don’t have to be a customer to follow us.


Duda Bardavid

Author Duda Bardavid

Duda is the Co-Founder of Drag, the Everything Inbox for Teams.

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