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How we translated our Startup idea into a product

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??? How we translated our Startup idea into a product ???

Inside Scoop, Inside Drag: Episode 003 | April 2017

“We have an idea of doing Trello-style boards, in email. Today is about how we translate that idea into a product. There is a few things we will talk you; the processes that we went through.

I am going to talk you through validation and how we decided if Drag was a good idea – do users want a Shared Inbox? Do users want to better organize their Gmail?

What’s in this Episode?

Look for validation in existing competitive tools

Explore the market and see similar Startup ideas are out there

Is your Startup idea technically possible?

What route do you take for your Startup?

Resources from this Episode

FrontApp – A shared inbox. Does differently to Drag, big investment, more corporate.
Sortd – Been around a while and don’t believe they have generated traction in this time.
Polymail – Look cool. Believe they’ll find it hard to take volume away from existing Gmail users.

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