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Why you should use Kanban in your Email Inbox

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Emails have been quite the same for a while. Almost every internet user has an account and knows how it works: a single list of emails sorted chronologically. Some folders and labels. Some bulk actions like archive, delete, send to folder. That’s all. And it has been like this for decades. 

As businesses evolved, email has become much more than just a space for our messages. Many times, email represents a business hub. However, the old and good traditional email layout has become a hurdle for people productivity. It’s just not good enough. It’s not flexible enough. 

There is a quite good solution for that: Kanban in Email. And here are some reasons why you should start doing it now.

Kanban in email is an alternative for email productivity that has gained a whole lot of substantiality recently. The Kanban layout has been well known and applied successfully across different industries, but just now it is starting to be combined with this tool people use so often: their inbox.


Toyota developed a task management system called Kanban. It consists of multiple lanes in which tasks are organized and moved across. Originally, lanes represented stages along which the tasks were performed. Currently, there are variations such as per topic, per team member or per date.

Proven successful in the automotive industry, it has expanded to several other industries such as software development – with tools such as JIRA -, project management – with tools such as Trello – and even CRM, – with tools such as Pipedrive.

Kanban has many valuable attributes:
Visually, bringing a holistic view of tasks across different stages;
– It is simple, breaking a number of tasks down into smaller and manageable pieces;
– Enhances productivity, allowing sorting and prioritization of tasks;
– It just works.

Kanban in your Email Inbox: here is why

Why not applying such a strong system to your email inbox? After all, most emails require tasks and most tasks require emails. Mind blowing, hun?

There are several reasons why Kanban layout works better than traditional email layouts for your Inbox:

It allows prioritization: normal email inbox is only sorted chronologically, so it doesn’t allow you to place the most important emails on the top;

Kanban has a multidimensional view: in normal inboxes, you can only see one folder at a time, while using Kanban you can see all dimensions at once (And easily move emails across with drag and drop);

It centralizes your workflow:  regular inboxes require To-Do apps to manage your tasks. In Kanban, tasks and emails are all managed from one single place, so you don’t need anything else;

Your email gets superpowers: Kanban transforms your emails into “cards”. It means you can add extra and useful information such as notes, due dates, responsible, etc in each card;

Emails become teamwork: it shortly means no more FWD, CC, BCC, etc. Delegating tasks, managing other people’s tasks or working collaboratively on email is something intrinsic into the Kanban philosophy;

– It looks much nicer. Your eyes deserve it 🙂

Kanban your life. Inbox your life.

The change Kanban provides into your Inbox is not valuable just in your email. Once you insert your tasks, share it with your teams and centralize all work, your business will start to run faster. After that, you will want to make these changes for your personal life as well. You can use it for personal projects, trips, and so much more.

If you start using Drag, you’ll even see how it can help you through much more than just email. Our drag-and-drop system will make everything easier to be organized, and once you understand what are your priorities, you will save so much time.

And then you’ll be addicted, just like we are 🙂


As simple as it sounds, many people still don’t know the potentiality they could have in their hands, which is why we’re spreading Drag’s message across many platforms, so try it out, see it improving your work life, and always remember that this change has to be in your mindset, your email is just the beginning.

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