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Great alternatives to Zendesk features

Overcoming a strong tool isn’t easy. Alternatives must have essential features that weren’t available before. Zendesk features are great and can work for any kind of specific demand. 

So how can something possibly be better than that? Well, by simply having less

Small businesses don’t need that much information and utilities. For them, an alternative such as what Zendesk offers is too much. They’ll probably get lost among so much information and just don’t be as effective as they could be.

Another important aspect is pricing. These companies can’t afford Zendesk’s price, so simpler solutions will also come with smaller prices, which is great.

Let’s have a look at what else any good alternative must have:

Easy to learn

Because of the various Zendesk features, it demands lots of resources — time and people — to understand it properly. Smaller companies can’t afford to have some team members to stop their work and learn a very complicated tool.

In opposition to that, there are Zendesk alternatives that offer simpler tools — especially the ones that can be integrated into something you already have — solve the problem and demand almost nothing.

Visually appealing

Zendesk is pretty, but the amount of information makes it hard to read instantly. An alternative should have a much smaller information density and be easy to see.

Intuitiveness might be taken for granted for companies, but it’s very important to think about it when you think about the long-term. What’s easy to make you stick longer.


One thing you can’t live without is a collaborative environment. Whether you work with more people or not, at some point you will need to share information with a team member. Tools that provide it are many steps ahead because they understand how much it changes when you can work together.

Besides that, there are many other features people expect from their helpdesk software, such as:

  • Automation of the process, making it easy to reply to customers;
  • Delegation and management of tasks, from end to end, in real-time;
  • The visual look of the whole process and segmentation of tickets per stage;
  • Shared view and collaboration for teams;
  • Easy access to key user information such as Company name or telephone number;
  • KPIs tracking, such as time to response or service rating.


Does Drag have it?

When you think about all features people want from a Helpdesk software, you probably will wonder “Is it possible to work straight from email?”.

The answer is: YES!

Our software doesn’t add any new logins/websites for your team. It works straight from your Gmail Inbox.

zendesk features

By doing so, we allow your team to learn faster and have fewer questions about what’s new. We also centralize work, because we have Helpdesk boards inside your email. Basically, we change everything, but we keep it visually the same.

Drag starts for free, but if you want to unlock its full power, it’s just $9/month/user. We believe that simple solutions make everything better for both sides because they decrease the amount of new information you need to learn something new.

Most features aren’t always better, so you have to really understand what works best for your company by thinking about what you really need.

The fact that Drag works inside Gmail decrease drastically the time to be invested to learn about a new tool. It also centralizes work, by allowing Helpdesk to be managed within the same space as emails and To-Dos. Imagine solving customer issues at the same place where you can manage your tasks and close deals? That’s what Drag can do for you.

Here are some other features you can add to your cards:

  • Delegation of tickets;
  • Customer info, such as phone number and company;
  • Progress bar;
  • Due dates;
  • Reminders;
  • Checklists;
  • Internal notes.

All of it. Right into your Gmail team inbox. Drag is freemium and has a forever-free version for small teams, including kanban boards with drag n’ drop functionality to organize inquiries.

If you want an extra feature, it has also paid versions starting from $3/month, that you can find here. It should definitely be on your list of Zendesk free alternatives to try.



Zendesk features are awesome, but do you need it all? Other software starts from the same base and changes the game in their own way.

Stop and think about what your company needs and if it is that much really. After scratching off the things you can live without it becomes easier to find the right solution.

Lastly, check to Drag out to see if a Shared Inbox, in Gmail, in a Kanban format fits your needs. Maybe it does 🙂

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What now?

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