Why we are ending Freemium plan

6th December 2018 in Drag

Why we are ending Freemium plan.

When we first started Drag, we only had a free plan. It was great.

But, we never thought that getting 100K + installs could be a bad thing for Drag.

Unfortunately, we were wrong.

As we have grown, our users have been experiencing a steady decline in performance. Really simple things like archiving an email or moving an email between columns haven’t always worked and unfortunately, even downtime in being able to access Drag boards.

All around, this feels horrible. Your inbox is your lifeblood, it needs to be available, 24/7 each and every day. How are you supposed to work with your team to support customers, sell or manage your tasks if you can’t even access them?

The reason I am explaining these problems is to be transparent about what’s gone wrong and how we plan to improve things moving forward. We’ve started to make this happen.

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How to get featured on Google Chrome store

23rd October 2017 in Drag

On 26th May 2017 we woke up to 1300+ new users. What happened? Did we accidentally spend our annual marketing budget overnight, or did we, overnight, get top for every SEO keyword?

No and no.Β We were featured on the Chrome store. Here’s how we did it (twice!). We’ll be sharing the lessons we’ve learned.Β 
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How to launch on Product Hunt?

4th September 2017 in Drag

On 19th May 2017, we were lucky to getΒ 600+ upvotes on Product Hunt. It made us aΒ Top Hunted productΒ (meaning we were a Top 5 global product launch). More importantly, it meant we were showcased to the entire PH community as aΒ Top Hunt.

We had over 3K+ installs that weekΒ from Product Hunt.Β Here’s exactly how we did it.
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Is Drag a good idea?

18th July 2017 in Drag

Is Drag ‘more than an idea’? Three signs every Startup should look for.

In our last post, we talked about how we came up with the idea of Drag. But an idea doesn’t mean much. Everybody has ideas, every day. Having an idea and turning it into something real is the big gap. When we see a gap, we like to fill it.

So is Drag ‘more than an idea’?
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This is Drag.

13th July 2017 in Drag

We had an idea a few months ago.
Life’s about freedom but emails areΒ probablyΒ the thing you need to do the most each day, they stop you from being free. They stop you from being productive.
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