Everything you need to know about Kanban in Gmail

6th March 2018 in Email productivity, Kanban Gmail

Gmail. It’s always been like this. Your messages come to your inbox, you read them and that’s basically it. What else could we need, right?

So much more. Meet Kanban in Gmail.

You should be aware that it’s 2018, there are many things you can — and should — automate in your life, and there are tools that transform your email experience in several ways.

Kanban in Gmail is a trend that has gained a lot of traction – here is everything you need to know about it. Continue reading »

Different ways to use Kanban in Email Inbox

28th February 2018 in Email productivity, Kanban email

We talk a lot about Kanban in our blog. A task management system consisting of multiple lanes in which tasks are organized and moved across, it was created originally to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Proven successful in the automotive industry, it has expanded to several other industries such as software development – with tools such as JIRA -, project management – with tools such as Trello – and even CRM, – with tools such as Pipedrive

Why not applying such a strong and visual layout to your email inbox? After all, most emails require tasks and most tasks require emails. We are sharing today different ways to use Kanban boards in your email inbox.

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Why you should use Kanban in your Email Inbox

22nd February 2018 in Email productivity, Kanban email

Emails have been quite the same for a while. Almost every internet user has an account and knows how it works: a single list of emails sorted chronologically. Some folders and labels. Some bulk actions like archive, delete, send to folder. That’s all. And it has been like this for decades. 

As businesses evolved, email has become much more than just a space for our messages. Many times, email represent a business hub. However, the old and good traditional email layout has become a hurdle for people productivity. It’s just not good enough. It’s not flexible enough. 

There is a quite good solution for that: Kanban in Email. And here are some reasons why you should start doing it now. Continue reading »

Kanban in Email: Simple Ways to Boost your Inbox

7th February 2018 in Email productivity, Kanban email

Kanban helps you to visualize emails in a way that works for your brain. But, before I explain, let me provide some context. Setting meetings, checking new promos, receiving reminders, talking business and amenities… Nowadays we all seem to have tons of responsibilities in our hands. And most of them come as messages straight into our inboxes.

The result? Well, if you’re not organized enough: chaos.

And let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to get messy, just stop organizing for a while and suddenly things are unbearable. If you’re like me, it’s unpractical to work with all this clutter around you.

This is why, aiming to keep things organized, I always look for new methods, techniques and apps that help boost productivity while, at the same time, keep my inbox visually appealing.

The most genius one? Kanban.


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How to Reach Inbox Zero

31st January 2018 in Email productivity, Inbox Zero

Billions of email are exchanged every day. Receiving so many emails can be too much; it means you get a messy inbox, you’re overwhelmed and you just don’t get things done.  

There is a better way, Inbox Zero. It’s by far the most popular technique for keeping your inbox under control.

Getting to Inbox Zero isn’t always easy. The internet is flooded with different strategies to reach the holy grail, inbox zero. But what works, what doesn’t and what’s more harm than help?

We’ve developed four really simple hacks to achieve Inbox Zero. Today, we want to share them.

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How to Make Email Stress-Free

24th January 2018 in Email productivity, Email hacks

Email is the most used communication tool today. However, managing email isn’t always easy. Have you ever felt stressed out about receiving too many emails? Right, you are not the only one.

As it is with anything we use constantly, when not well managed, emails get messy and it gets hard to find the information you want, stressing you out, and here we go again. 

And while you consume hours and hours of your day to get your messy Inbox on track, more emails are coming in. And then you start feeling guilty if you’re not answering your messages.
Ok, let’s cool down.
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How to organize Gmail like a boss

18th January 2018 in Email productivity, Organize Gmail

As with almost everything you use on a daily basis, emails get quite messy when you don’t organize them, especially if you want to organize Gmail. Although many people struggle every day, others have learned tricks on how to optimize time and keep things organized. This is what I want to share with you all today.

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Why you should use your Email as a To Do list

30th November 2017 in Email productivity, Inbox task manager

In our business lives, regardless of the nature of our tasks, most of the time they start and end as emails. However, although Emails and tasks work so close to each other, there are a lot of articles online advising people to stop using email as a To Do list. Today, I will share the reasons why I use my Inbox and a task manager and why I believe people should do the same.  
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The Inbox of the Future

9th October 2017 in Email productivity

Technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and do business. Email has been losing space to other communication tools such as social media and instant message apps, and will only keep its position as the leading business communication channel if it evolves.

The Inbox of the future will be collaborative, “all-in-one” and more flexible and customizable. Here’s how.
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