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Why is Email Productivity important?

The average knowledge worker spends 6.3 hours a day in their inbox. That’s a lot of time in emails! At the same time, despite the increasing internal messaging chats, email is not going anywhere. Internal chats are a different beast than Email. Email is made for asynchronous communication, which will always exist in business. That’s why being productive and efficient when dealing with inboxes is so important.

“Turn Gmail into a workflow management tool for individuals and teams.”

Here’s how we think

Did you know that 80% of teams use email AND other tools to run their business? That’s two days a week that individuals and teams lose, switching between tools.

This was our inspiration to build Drag. Drag turns Gmail into the Everything Inbox for individuals and teams. We want to build the simplest and most intuitive productivity and collaboration tool in Gmail.

For customer support, sales, task management, everything. Drag eliminates the need to navigate between Gmail and multiple tools such as Trello (for Projects), Pipedrive (for Sales) or Zendesk (for Customer Support). Especially because most of these workflows start and end as emails.

Our founding team is made up of people from MIT, successful SaaS founders with multi-million revenue and most recently a Techstars alumni company (backed by key people @ Google to deliver on our vision). We know how businesses need to be run and are building the tools to do it.

We hope this helps…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

The  TOP  reasons why individuals and teams love us



Turn Gmail into a To-Do list

Back in the days when Email was created, it was just a tool to communicate, period. Right now, email has significantly expanded into being the central tool for mony workers. It has become the central place where many tasks arrive and are done. Turning inboxes into a to-do list has become a common practice. And Drag is a pioneer solution in Gmail.


Work in a visual way

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. For example, tools such as Trello, Monday.com, Asana and Jira all use a visual way of working, called Kanban. It kicks the ass of traditional lists. Nowadays, almost every task management software offers this and Drag brings this to email also to make your life easier also. Optionally, of course.


Create a Shared Inbox in seconds

Manage shared emails like support@ and sales@ from inside Gmail. Your team can all use this shared Gmail account like it was their own. A shared inbox can be used for anything from a simple Help Desk and CRM to a Project Management board. The best part is the time (and money) you’ll save bouncing between different tools.


Create custom boards for anything

With Drag, you can set up custom boards, starting empty. Drag tasks and emails from one board to another. You can delegate emails to your assistant or build a Sales pipeline from scratch. Turn Gmail into your workflow management tool. To manage clients, leads, suppliers, projects, everything.


Gmail. With superpowers

We’ve added a few extra (super-cool, super-useful) features. Internal team chat, due dates, tasks, color coding, integration with Google Calendar, @mentions, just to mention a few.

Everything Inbox. For individuals and teams

This means no more navigating between tools or forwarding or cc’ing between internal teams. In short, Drag turns Gmail into an Everything Inbox for Teams – one single workspace to run your business.

Shared Inbox    COLLABORATION   

Drag instantly turns Gmail into the Everything Inbox for teams. Share company emails such as support@, sales@ right inside Gmail.

Multiple boards    WORKFLOW   

Your team can use shared boards and shared inboxes like they were their own – it can be used for anything from a simple Help Desk and CRM to a Marketing board.

Email delegation    COLLABORATION   

Need to delegate emails or tasks to someone, like your assistant? Simply select specific emails or tasks and allow team members to get things done on your behalf.

Kanban / list views    WORKFLOW   

Drag turns Gmail into a Kanban layout (we call them boards). It’s a proven way to be more organized. You know how to use Gmail, so no training needed.

Tasks in inbox    WORKFLOW   

Not everything comes as an email, sometimes there’s a separate task. You can add tasks directly to your inbox.

Email assignment    COLLABORATION   

Get work done faster by assigning emails and tasks to the best-placed team members. You can see, at a glance, who’s working on what.

@mentions    COLLABORATION   

@mention your team to start a real-time chat with someone to solve a Help Desk ticket faster, or to close a deal with more value. You can chat, internally, on any shared emails or tasks.

Internal team chat    COLLABORATION   

A private space for you and your team. Add context to any conversation by collaborating behind the scenes with your team.

Email notes    WORKFLOW   

Can’t remember some details? Add notes to any email so you’re always have information to hand.

Checklists    WORKFLOW   

Most emails come with things to get done. Separate these out and add them as actionable tasks.

Due dates    WORKFLOW   

Is there a deadline – something you need to get done by a date? Keep things on track by adding a due date.

Drag to boards    COLLABORATION   

Drag works across boards. Received an email directly to you? Drag it to a team board so your entire team can help solve faster.

Sort emails / tasks    WORKFLOW   

Emails come and go, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. Keep your inbox organized by dragging emails to different columns on your board. It’s really as simple as that.

Filter emails / tasks    WORKFLOW   

Filter your boards so that you can focus on the things that matter most. You can filter by person, statuses, colors and labels.

Color coding    WORKFLOW   

Get a better overview of your boards by color-coding them based on time zones, urgency levels or anything that works best for you.

Approved Google secure    SECURITY   

Officially approved by Google-appointed third party security assessors.

Gmail add-on    MOBILE   

Work on Drag on the move. Drag’s Gmail add-on installs across devices and help organize your boards when you don’t have access to your computer.

Calendar integration    INTEGRATION   

Drag syncs. with your Google Calendar. Any email or task with a due date attached, will be automatically added to your Google Calendar so your team knows when stuff needs to be finished.

* Column automation    WORKFLOW   

Easily automate repeatable workflows. Automatically send emails to boards, assign emails and create tasks for your team.

* Merge cards    INTEGRATION   

Merge cards into a collections to save time and energy. Group different emails and tasks into one single card to better manage your work.

* Shared labels    COLLABORATION   

Share labels and organize your boards across your team with shared labels.

* Shared drafts    COLLABORATION   

Work together on replies. Collaborate using shared drafts. Write a reply and have your colleague check it before sending.

* Google Groups    INTEGRATION   

Connect Google Groups to boards for your team to immediately manage the Groups inbox.

* Reply as @alias    COLLABORATION   

Reply as yourself, your team or as the shared inbox address such as sales@ or support@.

* Activity log    WORKFLOW   

Get a full history of all actions on a board. Learn what and when you need to deal with an email or task.

Want to see more?

* Above all, we are working to deliver on our vision of the Everything Inbox. Please view and feedback on future features



AND we created the category of the Everything Inbox for you.

Here is the defining moment…

In other words, here is us defining the new category of the Everything Inbox. After that, others have since attempted to follow with “Team workspace in Gmail”, “Collaborative Workspace in Gmail” and other expressions. But we are creating a category and have a clear vision from day one to deliver first Everything Inbox for teams – one single workspace to run your business.

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