Here is the best Google inbox alternative you will find

20th September 2018 in Email Productivity, Google Inbox Alternative

If you’re updated with tech news, you probably already heard Google Inbox will stop working next March.

An idea that started in 2014, four years ago, Google Inbox was an innovative mailbox. Many thought it was a preview of what Google was going to launch next in matters of email, but (spoiler alert) the truth is they’ve certainly inspired the new look of Gmail on the best aspects of Google Inbox.

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Why you should share email with your team

27th August 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail, Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail

Business tools are allowing people to collaborate. Live chat apps have reached millions of users that prefer to communicate in a group on real time instead of sending time-consuming emails. Each day more and more files are shared on the cloud with several users, throw a simple shareable link, allowing people to work together on the same document from different computers. Why until today, why are not allowed to share email?

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How to organize Gmail in To Do lists in 1 click

21st August 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

Organize Gmail, is it a thing? For many people it might be something they don’t perceive, but undoubtedly it makes your productivity go really low.

As it happens with most everything you use on a daily basis, emails get quite messy when you don’t organize it constantly. Although many people struggle with it every day, others have learned tricks on how to optimize time and keep things organized, and this is what I want to share with you all today.

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Tips & Tricks to Organize Gmail

25th April 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

Google launched Gmail more than 14 years ago, and nowadays it has over 1.2 billion users — which makes it one of the biggest email providers on Earth. People use Gmail everyday, multiple times a day, and it means that:

  • it has a massive system;
  • over a billion people try to find different ways to organize Gmail.

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New Gmail designs leaked (with screen shots)

20th April 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

New Gmail image

Here at Drag we work directly with Gmail — and so does our tool —, so it’s our interest to keep track of what changes will concern this incredible email service provided by Google. New Gmail? Let’s go!

Last week, Google revealed how the most popular email provider will look like in the short future. Many changes are expected to happen still in the first semester of 2018. These changes will start on the visuals. The new screens will be much closer to Google’s Material Design concepts, making it more attractive to users.

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How to turn Gmail into the best To-Do list ever

18th April 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail

Email how we use today has changed so much over the last years. It started as a simple tool to communicate and replicate physical mail. Today, it’s very collaborative and (usually) makes work more organized. 

At the same time, To-Do lists are a fundamental tool on the business World. If you think about it, your business Inbox most probably works as a place where you receive tasks (in format of emails).

Wait! If emails and To-Do’s most times mean the same, why don’t they share the same space in Gmail?

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