Front App alternative

A Front App alternative that doesn’t force you to leave Gmail to share your inbox ?. Honestly? Front App are pretty cool. But, we do not understand why you need to leave Gmail to share your inbox. There is a way to share your inbox (and stay in Gmail).

What is Front App?

Front App is (one of the) first shared inbox for teams. They are collaborative workspace to get your emails, text and social media done in one place. But, Front App force you to leave Gmail to do it. We don’t think this is cool. So, we want to explain the best way to a shared inbox, without the compromise.

Are you considering alternatives because…

You do not want to leave Gmail?

You live in Gmail too, right? And you may be considering Front App because there were no other options in Gmail? They are a good inbox, we admit it. But do you want yet another inbox to deal with (on top of Gmail)?

? Drag lives in your inbox. It’s what you know best
? Customer support requests stay as emails
? Share addresses like support@ and sales@ in Gmail

Your data is held hostage

With Drag, all conversations and labels are Gmail-related. It means if you ever move away from us, you’ll still keep all emails. Unfortunately, with Front, if you’re looking to move away – it’s a little (or a lot!) harder.

? You can move away from Drag at any time
? Drag is built in Gmail. Your operations is de-risked

You don’t want two interfaces

Front App cannot replace Gmail. It means that you still have to log into Gmail often to perform simple tasks or understand, better, what’s happening in an email thread.

? With Drag you don’t need more than one inbox, Gmail
? No switching between Drag and Front App inboxes
? You don’t need to adjust to a new interface (on top of your current one)

You don’t want limited features

Front App will never be as powerful as Gmail and the powerful Chrome store. It means using them as a shared inbox will always limit your future opportunity. A few examples:

? In Front, you cannot write on top of an older message in a thread, i.e. reply inline
? In Front, you cannot assign an unlimited number of tasks to an email
?In Front, you cannot manage aliases like you can in Gmail

Front App Alternative Essentials

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