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Looking for a FrontApp alternative?


I want to make the decision clear and simple for you. If you are part of a team using G Suite and are looking for a FrontApp alternative – definitely read on.

Drag is the World’s first all-in-one tool in Gmail.  One single place to support customers, close deals or manage tasks, from the place teams love – Gmail. Most workflows start in email but quickly get spread across different tools. We believe teams should stop switching between tools and manage their entire workflow from their inbox.

Below, you’ll find information on how Drag compares to Front, including features and insights into why customers make this switch. We hope this helps.

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

Reasons why companies use Drag vs. Front


No switching between Gmail and Front.

Front is not only competing directly with Gmail, but also with it’s ever-growing features and the massive community of developers in the G Suite marketplace.

Front users still use Front to collaborate and rely on Gmail for their personal inboxes. Crazy, isn’t it? Drag is a FrontApp alternative that works right inside Gmail.

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Work in a visual way.

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. The best workflow management tools out there, offer visual ways of working.

Drag is not different. Besides the traditional email list view, Drag brings a visual kanban view to email to make your life easier. 


Manage more than incoming enquiries: manage workflows.

Front is very good if you want to collaborate on incoming emails or enquiries. Incoming enquiries are the core of most workflows, but sometimes enquiries alone are not enough.

In Drag, you have all the context you need around a workflow from one place – emails, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files, external links and more.

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Collaborate cross-teams and cross-domains.

Front only allows you to share inboxes with your own team, across 1 single domain. 

With Drag, if you are working with clients, contractors or other stakeholders, it’s not a problem. You can share Drag boards across any domains, as long as they are in Gmail or G Suite.


Assign conversations to multiple team members.

In Front, each conversation can only be assigned to 1 single team member. We believe this is not always the case across any workflow.

In Drag, each email, task or card can be assigned to multiple team members at the same time. 

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Work real time, or your time.

In Front, all channels are inboxes, and the streaming of new information is always real time. You cannot control what is coming onto your plate.

In Drag, real time can be achieved with Shared Inbox or Google Groups Boards. However, Drag also has empty shared boards, like Trello. They start blank and you can manually populate them (or automate emails to go into them too!).


Unlimited email history.

Front only allows you to import up to 50,000 emails from Gmail. If you need more history, that’s a problem.

Drag automatically imports all historical emails in your shared inboxes. You don’t want to miss any important information, Drag is the best FrontApp alternative for you.

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Grow your business, not costs.

As your team grows, Front’s price grows exponentially. Besides, you need to pay for Front along with other tools for task management, CRM or customer support, for example.

With Drag, you can manage multiple inboxes and save big. For example for a team of 5 using Front, Trello and Pipedrive, Drag shared inbox can bring savings up to $250 / month. Drag is an affordable FrontApp alternative.

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