Manage leads
from Gmail.

Stay where deals get closed:
in your inbox.

  • Share group emails like sales@
  • Organize contacts in custom views
  • Track sales leads and pipelines visually
  • Sell collaboratively with internal chat and notes
  • Automate follow ups and repetitive tasks
  • Report on your sales team’s activity
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Sales CRM for G Suite users.

Most deals start and end as emails. So stop switching between Gmail and a Sales CRM.

Your pipelines, in Gmail.

Turn your pipelines into Drag boards and customize them your way. 
Kanban or list views, sort & filter, rename, rearrange or expand columns. Add incoming emails such as sales@ or simply add opportunities manually. 

Know what is going on.

Have all the context you need around a deal from one place – email, contact info, activity, notes, opportunity size and files. Know who is working on what. Share entire conversations across deals. Know the next steps and respective deadlines. 

Sell collaboratively.

Share drafts or even reply on behalf of each other. Need help from a team mate? @mention and comment in a chat, in the context of a deal.

Share specific boards and cards with permissions. Convert sales enquiries into leads with one-click.

Automate your sales process.

Share email templates for consistency across your team. Automate repetitive tasks (like sending an email template when moving deals from a stage to another). Let Drag send automated follow-ups to leads so you can focus on what matters.

Never drop the ball.

Know when someone reads your emails. Never miss a deadline with due dates. Automatically create events in your agenda with calendar integration and reminders.
Gmail Project Management

See how your team is doing.

View the performance of your sales team at a glance. Slice and dice with different reporting for real-time insights. See which contributors are performing the best with leaderboards. 

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