Getting Started

Everything you need to get started, like a rocket! ?

What is Drag?

Drag organizes your emails and tasks to make you more productive. We are like Trello, but in Gmail. Drag integrates seamlessly into Gmail to allow you to:

Organize emails in multiple columns
Organize your Inbox in multiple columns. Add and rename as many columns as you want. Easily drag’n’drop across different columns.

Add tasks into Inbox
Most emails are To-Dos. Why do task management tools and Inboxes need to work separately? You live inside your Inbox, so should your tasks.

Assign checklists, notes and due dates to emails or tasks
Most emails have tasks associated to them. Add all your notes, due dates and to-do’s so you can access them all from one place, your email.

Customizable boards
People have different projects, different clients and different tasks. Manage your tasks in multiple and customizable boards.

Team boards*:
Work collaboratively on all the above! Keep all your team at the same page, delegate and collaborate to get more stuff done, together.

*Coming soon

Watch our demo video to get started.

How do I use Drag across different email addresses?

As a beta tester you will work closely with our Chief Product Officer to build a stronger, more robust product over the next 10 weeks. Here’s the quick overview:

? Clear and consistent feedback on bugs
? Regular feedback on how you use Drag
? New ideas on how to make Drag the best

You can use Drag in as many email addresses as you want. Or you might have multiple email addresses but only want Drag in one.

You can easily select which accounts you want to run Drag on:

Select Enable or Disable to turn Drag on or off of each email account.

What browsers does drag support?

Drag is currently available on Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Click here to learn how to install Drag on Opera.

Drag will work on other browsers soon. Check out our Roadmap.

How to select with Gmail tabs (Social, Promotion, etc.) to display on Drag?

Gmail allows users to have 5 tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Disabling any tab means sending those email to your Primary Inbox.

Drag is synchronized to your Primary Inbox. This means you can easily chose the tabs that you want to show up in Drag.

To select the tabs you want to see in Drag is very easy.

Step 1
Turn Drag toggle button off.

Step 2
Go to settings > configure inbox.

Step 3
Unselect tabs that you want to display in Drag (e.g. below, the user will receive emails from Primary + Updates emails in Drag).

What does Drag not work with?

We’re here to answer more questions at

There are 3 main reasons that stop Drag from working. Usually it’s because of compatibility issues with other extensions. If you’re experiencing the below, this is likely why.

– Drag layout doesn’t show up even after installing Drag.
– Gmail feels slower.
– You get notifications that there’s an extension conflict.

You may see this.

We are aware of the following Chrome extensions where there is a problem (we’re working on it!):

– Hubspot
– Inbox by Google
– Mixmax
– Yesware

There’s also a few Gmail labs features that may be an issue. Archive, Multiple Inboxes, Preview Pane.

Drag and other extensions regularly update their products, so conflicts may occur sometimes before resolved.

How do I explain a bug, idea or feature?

We love feedback. We’ve built our tool on feedback, it’s our biggest thing.

There are three ways you can provide feedback.

Option 1
Talk to us on our Trello Public Roadmap (recommended).
Report bugs, ideas and features here; vote on the ideas you want first. Our tool is built on feedback. You’ll see ?

Option 2
Send us an email at is the best place to reach us.

Option 3
Talk to our team on live chat  ?
Click on their pictures on the bottom right of your screen.

Is Drag on mobile?

Not yet. We’ve focused on creating the best product in Gmail (desktop) first. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are on our Roadmap.

More questions?

We’re here on Live Chatemail or get answers on our Public Roadmap ?

Public Roadmap