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Drag is broken

If Drag isn’t working in your Gmail account, there are some easy steps to fix:

Unlink Drag from your account

Step 1
Unlink Drag from your Account by going to

Step 2
Select DragApp and select Remove

Step 3
Logout from Gmail and login again

Step 4
When logging in again, accept Drag permissions from Google OAuth.

Clear your local storage

Step 1
Open Developer Tools below.

Step 2
Select Application tab. On the left hand side, select Local Storage.

Step 3
Right-click on and select Clear.

Finally, sign back into your inbox.

My token is invalid

As a beta tester you will work closely with our Chief Product Officer to build a stronger, more robust product over the next 10 weeks. Here’s the quick overview:

? Clear and consistent feedback on bugs

? Regular feedback on how you use Drag

? New ideas on how to make Drag the best

You can use Drag in as many email addresses as you want. Or you might have multiple email addresses but only want Drag in one.

You can easily select which accounts you want to run Drag on:


Select Enable or Disable to turn Drag on or off of each email account.

I'm stuck authenticating

Drag is currently available on Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Click here to learn how to install Drag on Opera.

Drag will work on other browsers soon. Check out our Roadmap.

You probably have one of the issues below.

Stuck on the authentication page? Your computer may be blocking your cookies and/or popups.

Follow the instructions on the page displayed. First, try to allow popups from If this doesn’t work, unblock cookies and third-party data.

I installed Drag, but there is no awesome layout

Gmail allows users to have 5 tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Disabling any tab means sending those email to your Primary Inbox.

Drag is synchronized to your Primary Inbox. This means you can easily chose the tabs that you want to show up in Drag.

To select the tabs you want to see in Drag is very easy.

Step 1
Turn Drag toggle button off.

Step 2
Go to settings > configure inbox.

Step 3
Unselect tabs that you want to display in Drag (e.g. below, the user will receive emails from Primary + Updates emails in Drag).

This is likely a compatibility issue. There are some Gmail extensions that may not play nice with us (we’ll be solving them ALL shortly).

We are aware of the following list of Chrome extensions with which Drag has compatibility issues.

– Hubspot
– Inbox by Google
– Mixmax
– Yesware

There’s also a few Gmail labs features that may be an issue. Archive, Multiple Inboxes, Preview Pane.

There might be others. If you’re using other Gmail extensions, try disabling them one at a time and refresh Gmail to see the culprit! (and let us know when you find out which one it is so we can add into our list!)

Authorization popup keeps appearing

My Gmail seems slow

I get 'No conversation selected' when trying to delete/archive an email

Some of the functionality in Drag currently only works in the English version of Gmail, and this is one of them.

To fix, change your Gmail to English and check it again. This is a quick temporary fix while we work on compatibility with other languages.

How to contact support

There are several way you can contact our support team.

Option 1
On our Public Roadmap

Option 2
Send an email to

Option 3
On our live chat on the bottom right of our website ?

For general questions about Gmail, visit the  Gmail Help Center.

More questions?

We’re here on Live Chatemail or get answers on our Public Roadmap ?

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