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Dealing with angry customers – and making them happy

29th November 2018 in Email Productivity, Shared Inbox

Dealing with angry customers is a big challenge. When people are unsatisfied they can get pretty unpredictable. Some can scream at you, try to get to you personally or just be unhelpful.

As a Helpdesk professional, it’s crucial that you’re prepared to this kind of situation. Although your company exists in order to provide the best experience possible, sometimes small issues can impact clients’ lives in so many different ways. This is why customer support is so important. We all want clients to use our product/service in the best way possible.

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Customer Service for SaaS: how to nail it

20th November 2018 in Uncategorized

For those starting out, customer service for SaaS might look like something really difficult to deal with, but when aligned with good strategies, it worksΒ wondersΒ for your company.

So in this article we will discuss goodΒ practicesΒ you probably will want in your company in order to make the most of your customers β€” and make them very happy!

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