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Native in Gmail.

Drag adds to Gmail in seconds. You’ll be way more organized using a Kanban layout in email (we call them Drag boards). You know how to use Gmail, so no training needed.

kanban email
kanban gmail

Work in a visual way.

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. The best workflow management tools out there, offer visual ways of working.

Drag is not different. Besides the traditional email list view, Drag brings a visual kanban view to email to make your life easier.

Manage tasks from your inbox.

Drag is not for email management only. You can add tasks, assign checklists to you emails and have all the context you need around a workflow from one place – emails, contact info, to-do lists, notes, files, external links and more.


kanban gmail
kanban Gmail

Custom kanban boards for anything.

Choose to turn entires inboxes (including your own) into Kanban boards, with emails loading in real time, or simply move specific emails to boards. Move emails across boards with simple drag’n’drop, or create automation rules to move emails around in autopilot!

Share boards for collaboration.

Share boards and collaborate with your team. Collaborate on drafts before sending them, reply on behalf of each other, or reply as a shared inbox like support@.

gmail delegation

“It’s as if Trello, Gmail, Slack and a CRM had a baby!”

Elizabeth Pampalone

Founder @ Absolute Marketing

“Drag enabled us to work faster and smarter, offering even quicker Onboarding timeframes to our clients.”

Holly Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer @ Waste Logics

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