Run marketing requests from Gmail.

Improve operational efficiency by simplifying marketing requests management.

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Trusted by marketing teams all over the world.

Built for marketing teams in Google Workspace.

You spend your day in your inbox. So stop switching between Gmail and external apps to manage your marketing requests.

Keep your team on the same page.

Connect shared inboxes or Google Groups (e.g. copy@, designs@) to Drag boards. Share them with your team, so everybody is on the same page. No more cc’ing or forwarding emails around.

Easily assign requests and view their status.

Ensure that every message has an owner with email assignments. Automatically assign incoming emails based on keywords, email sender, or email receiver. Organize requests in lists or kanban boards.

Manage more than just emails.

Manually add requests that do not arrive as emails. Add context to requests: emails, tasks, notes, files, team chat, all in one single place. No more navigating between Gmail, a to-do app and a team chat.

organizing gmail

Work together on complex requests.

Need help from a teammate? @mention them in the internal chat, within the context of that specific request. Collaborate on email drafts or even reply on behalf of each other.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks, like moving emails from a specific email sender to specific boards, or auto-assigning emails with certain keywords (e.g. “banner”) to specific team members.

Measure team performance.

View the performance of your team at a glance. Slice and dice with different reporting for real-time insights.


Absolute Marketing saves 20 hours a month with Drag. 

“I love that I can organize my inbox into sections so I can see everything and know what is coming up next, rather than snoozing it or moving it to a folder to be forgotten forever!”

Elizabeth Pampalone

Founder @ Absolute Marketing

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⏳ 20 hours

saved per month.

📧 20,000 emails

handled per month.

📥 3 inboxes

shared in Gmail.

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