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Jun 7, 2021

#1 update Our updates have grown-up (finally!)


As promised, here is a more grown-up structure to our weekly updates. We’ve spent the last 12 months exclusively sharing updates to our product only.

You’ll keep receiving product updates. But we do want to be more helpful.

That’s why we’re expanding these emails beyond product updates, improvements, and fixes. You’ll see below that there’s a broader narrative of being supportive and sharing insights into marketing, sales, product, fundraising, and anything else that we may be able to help with.

In turn, we’ll also have our own challenges, and we would love your help.

Here’s our first.

💡 Product

Version 10.3 live (5th June). This version is focused on improving replies to emails, with large inline images or attachments. Drag now supports the same attachment limit as Gmail (25MB).

🛠️ More fixes here
💪🏽 More improvements here

🤟🏽 Can we help? #givefirst

This week we’ve been focused on the new UI. Specifically Figma, prototyping, and exploring how to fill the relationship gap between design tools and development teams. If anyone has similar challenges, we would love to help and share our experiences. Please reach out.

🔍 Asks

1. Our focus in June is to shape Drag’s new experience. Would you be able to feedback on initial prototypes?

2. We are scaling our email outreach. I’d love to speak to users who are successful with email prospecting (10K+ targeted weekly). Interested in your ‘sending stack’ + optimizing bounce to sub 5% / spam sub 1%. Please email me.

🚪 Drag behind-the-scenes

HIGHS. Celebrating this week  
🎉 Fantastic traction, consistently over the past two years on blog traffic. Record weekly visitors to the website.

🎉 Co-Founder Duda rocked this podcast last week with GV Angels (heads-up it’s in Brazilian Portuguese).

LOWS. Reflection this week
😞 Server downtime for a short period in May. We resolved this within a few hours on a Sunday. However, we acknowledge the impact to users over the weekend and our Australia early morning customers.

🧨 Excited to share

1. New non-profit initiative
This week we launched Close to our Hearts. It’s an initiative to support non-profit organizations on things that are important to our team and align with our values.

2. Latest Drag new experience UI / UX designs (work in progress)
Worked on the core functionality. Drag’s brand (to our users) is synonymous with boards. This week we will focus on starting to build an excellent board, list, and detail view.

👉 Feedback here
📢 Product summary here

3. This week @ Founder Content
This week’s favorite from Founder Content (a free resource built and managed by Drag) is from Holly Stephens, the co-founder and CEO of Subly. In this podcast, Holly shares how she bootstrapped her SaaS and grew from 0 to 60,000 users.

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