Organize your Inbox with Drag

Turn your Inbox into your task manager. Organize emails into Kanban boards, add tasks to inbox, set checklists, notes and due dates to emails and tasks and integrate them with your calendar.

Want to organize Gmail?

🚀 1. Set up personal kanban boards

Create as many boards and columns as you want.

🚀 2. Customize boards to your workflow

Edit columns and board names. Add emails and standalone tasks. Drag’n’drop to organize and sort.

🚀 3. Add notes, checklists and due dates to keep track of everything

Can’t miss a deadline? Add due dates to emails and tasks and add them to your calendar. Add notes and checklists to help you get things done.

Need to share boards?

– Drag for Customer Support

– Drag for Sales

– Drag for Marketing

– Drag for everything else