Track recruiting
from Gmail.

Stay where applications start and end.

  • Share group emails and aliases like jobs@
  • Standardize talent pipelines with flexible building blocks
  • Track where candidates are in the process
  • Seamlessly handover candidates across teams
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Report on results
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Recruiting app for G Suite users.

Most applications start as emails. So stop switching between Gmail and a recruiting tracker.

Talent pipelines, in Gmail.

Turn recruiting pipelines into Drag boards. Customize them your way with kanban or list views, sort & filter, rename, rearrange or expand columns. Add incoming emails such as jobs@ or simply add new candidates manually. 
free applicant tracking system

All information you need in one place.

All the context you need around a candidate from one place – candidate profile, contact information, CV, email correspondence, interview notes, files. Know which stage each candidate is. Know the next steps and respective deadlines. 

Collaborate across teams.

Need input from an interviewer? Share a board in seconds. You can give more context or feedback about a candidate using @mention and comments to add additional information. Boards can also be shared across different domains.

automate recruiting

Automate repetitive tasks.

Streamline your recruiting process with automations. Automate repetitive tasks (like sending an email when moving candidates from a stage to another). Use email templates with custom fields to send fast emails with a personalized touch. 

Work smarter.

Know when candidates read your emails. Use due dates and deadlines to never miss important deadlines. Automatically create events and reminders in your agenda with calendar integration. 
Gmail Project Management

Report results.

View the main metrics of your talent pipeline at a glance. Slice and dice with different reporting for real-time insights. 

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