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Guides for Remote Teams

A curated list of guides for survival as a remote team.

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Last edited: 2nd April 2020.

Trello Guides for Remote Teams

How to Embrace Remote Work
by Trello

The ultimate guide of tried and tested strategies, from the world’s leading companies for remote work. Includes expert advice from 10 world-leading remote companies.

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Zapier | guides for remote teams

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work
by Zapier

Whether you currently work in or run a remote team, or you hope to work in or run a remote team in the future, this book will have nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

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Working Remotely: Tips from 100+ Remote Workers
by HelpScout

HelpScout are a team of 100+ people working in more than 75 cities across the globe. In this playlist, they offer guidance to teams who never opted-in to this way of working but are forced to do it anyway.

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Miro | Guides for Remote Teams

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work
by Miro

The Miro team believes virtual work is here to stay—which is why they’re sharing their secret sauce working as a remote team in this guide. 

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Live Support for Remote Teams

Have the tools for remote teams, but still struggling to work remotely?
Get answers to your questions about remote teams during the COVID-19 crisis.

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