Shared Inbox ebook: Everything you need to know about Shared Inboxes

A comprehensive guide to educate teams on the best ways to collaborate together, in email.

Shared Inbox Ebook

Why reading this Shared Inbox ebook?


If you work in a team and have faced some type of miscommunication at work, you definitely should read this Shared Inbox ebook. The concept of “Shared Inbox” has been revolutionizing the way teams communicate and collaborate to get things done right from inside their Inbox. Read this ebook by DragΒ to learn everything you need to know to boost your team productivity with more collaboration and team work in Email.

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The guide includes:

  • The key benefits and pitfalls involved in shared inboxes
  • How to setup a shared inbox with your team
  • How to manage different business activities with a shared inbox
  • The best shared inbox softwares available in the market