Everything you need to know about sharing an inbox in GmailΒ 

17th October 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

Looking up to share Gmail inbox with your team? Here’s all you need to know.

To kick it off, share Gmail inbox will make your productivity just more natural. With new communication methods, you’re probably aware that sometimes it feels like email loses a little bit of efficiency β€” even though you still need it. But that’s why we’re rebuilding email.

Think about it, if you are on a team, wouldn’t it be amazing to share your mailbox and work collaboratively without having to use the same email address? Fortunately, it is already possible, if you leverage the right technology. Shared inboxes.

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The best way to Share emails in Gmail

8th October 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

When you start getting interested in shared inboxes and look up for it, you’ll realize how many different options there are to do the same thing.

This is when you must be at your smartest point, because you need to evaluate different solutions and check which one will work best for you and your company.

In this article we will show some options available when it comes to sharing email, and then you can choose what works best for you.

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Yes, you can easily share your Gmail inbox!

4th October 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

Shared inboxes can be very handful for teams, but many still don’t even know about the possibility of it. It happens mainly because people are have quite accepted email as it is, and don’t think about it as an evolving technology.

The thing is email has been the most used business communication tool for the past couple of decades. It’s been available almost since the beginning of internet. Also, it’s probably one of the first things you set up when you start browsing.Β 

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Why (and how) you should share emails with your team

10th September 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

Sharing inboxes and emails with a team might seem like a hard task in the beginning, but as anything else, they’re quite easy if you choose the right tool.

You see, many people still don’t know how to do this task properly, which is why their companies aren’t growing as much as they could.

Fortunately, here’s this article to help you out, so first of all let’s see why you should share emails:

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Sharing email addresses with your team? So you need this

7th September 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox

So you’re already using shared inboxes with your team, but are you making the most of it?

Although it was made to increase productivity, shared inboxes β€” or shared email addresses β€” can be a very tricky technology that will do the opposite. How so? By making wrong choices.

For instance, if you use a tool that is hard to learn, your team won’t adopt it. If it’s adding too much replies, your team will certainly get lost among emails (and you’ll lose track on who’s actually doing the work). So let’s see some good practices:

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Shared Inbox with Google Groups: you are (probably) doing it wrong!

31st August 2018 in Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail, Team inbox, Google Groups

Created in 2001 with the intention of being a discussion space for groups to share emails, Google Groups has been used for multiple purposes since then. Among them is sharing your inbox.

However, Google Groups have never been designed to be a collaborative tool. It simply is a mail list for groups in which you can send and receive emails. There are much simpler options to share your inbox then Google Groups.Β 

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Why you should share email with your team

27th August 2018 in Email Productivity, Organize Gmail, Shared Inbox, Shared Gmail

Business tools are allowing people to collaborate. Live chat apps have reached millions of users that prefer to communicate in a group on real time instead of sending time-consuming emails. Each day more and more files are shared on the cloud with several users, throw a simple shareable link, allowing people to work together on the same document from different computers. Why until today, why are not allowed to share email?

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