Run development teams from Gmail.

From ideas to going live, stay
where you spend your time.

  • Consolidate product feedback
  • Organize and prioritize ideas
  • Create and share product specs
  • Plan and run sprints collaboratively
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Report on your team’s activity
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Product development software.
For G Suite users.

Run sprints, backlog or bugs from where they start and end.

One organized workspace, in Gmail.

Most things arrive as emails: bug reports, feature requests, product launch guidelines. Stop switching between Gmail and a product development tool, organize your work in Drag boards.

Customize boards your way with kanban or list views, sort & filter, rename, rearrange or expand columns.

All the information you need.

Everything you need to get things done – tasks, subtasks, email history, priority levels, links, files, deadlines, assignees, tags, notes, bug descriptions, product specs. Follow stages of the workflow and know who is working on what and when things will get done.

Push things cross-teams seamlessly.

Need user feedback or a product spec? Share it with your team in one-click. If you need technical advice you can share it with the dev team immediately. Any non-technical team can open a ticket in seconds. You can also share boards with contractors, across different domains.


Automate processes, do things faster.

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters. For example, auto-assign a customer support agent when a bug card is moved to the Solved column.

Or automatically move emails to a Product Requests board if an email comes from a form request on your website.

Measure team performance.

View the performance of your team at a glance with reports. Slice and dice with different reporting for insights. See how many tasks were completed as per the plan. 
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