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Drag’s different workspaces.

Drag offers different types of workspaces to best suit the collaboration you need.

Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox.

These are boards that receive new emails from a specific email address in real time. Email addresses can be from either a Google Group or a real email account with password.

Whether you use them for Support (eg. help@), sales (eg. quotes@) or another workflow, our shared inboxes empower your team with real time email collaboration.

Drag Shared Inbox and boards

Custom Boards.

Drag custom boards start empty work like a blank canvas to accommodate any kind of workflow. You can either move emails / cards into it (manually or through automations) or create new cards manually.

They can be used either for work in progress or to file work that has been completed. Imagine a Gmail folder, but superpowered and shared with your team.

Built for Google Workspace users

Drag conveniently lives inside Gmail. This means no more switching back and fourth between Gmail and another workflow management app.

It also natively connects to other Google Workspace apps and is easy to install and easy to set up. No training required.

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Drag App Gmail plug-in

Highly customizable

Drag boards are highly customizable. They’re made up of cards, which are smaller components of a workflow and can represent different things – emails, tasks, subtasks, notes, links, files.

Boards can have different views (eg. list, kanban, preview), be sliced and diced in different ways (eg. ‘assigned to me’, ‘due today’) and support 10 types of fields (eg. phone number, currency).

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Seamless cross-functional work

Drag brings consistency across different areas or teams in your organization.

Easily handover information across different teams using different Drag boards and permission levels. Share boards outside your domain if you need to work with clients, suppliers or other external stakeholders.

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Gmail Drag App

Powerful automations

Drag offers different ways to automating workflows. From automation rules like auto-tagging or auto-assigning, all the way to email templates or automated email follow-ups, free up your time so you can focus on what matters.

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Integration to 5,000+ apps

Integrate Drag to 5,000+ apps with our Zapier integration. From creating contacts in a CRM from incoming emails to creating cards from a website form, the options are endless.

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Secure by design

We are a Google Cloud Partner and follow strict safety measures at every level to ensure safety of our systems and services. Starting by the fact that we do not store your emails. 

We are GDPR ready and our technical team is fully trained to implement security best practices.

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Our customers say it best.

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“This system has been a game changer for our franchise operations central office communications. The team is incredible and responsive. They are consistently improving and adding additional features to streamline our workflows in gmail. Highly recommend!”

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“Drag is one of the most accessible programs I have ever used. It took little to no time to pick it up and start using it. It is visually driven enough for easy glancing over and complex enough to provide the tools needed.”

💬 Grace H. on G2

“We were looking for a project management tool that didn’t rely on a third party platform outside of Gsuite. Drag is the answer. Our team can now not only work in our existing accounts but do more with our inboxes than we could before Drag. The Kanban feature has also increased our capacity.”

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