Our story.

You run your business from email. Things start and end there, but that in-between bit is filled with extra tools. That’s why we founded Drag.

Founded by Duda Bardavid and Nick Timms

3,000 miles apart, Duda was consulting in Kuwait and Nick had existing SaaS businesses in the U.K. Drag started remote from day one.

First MVP

Using existing resources from SaaS businesses, an MVP was built for ‘Drag for Solo users’

CTO, Breno Vieira joins the team

Remote Engineering team built across Brazil, Japan and U.K. Product rearchitected for ‘Drag for Teams’

Secretly run the business from a room in MIT

In the essence of being truly remote, Drag (Duda, Breno and Nick) move to Boston and base themselves in a room overlooking Charles River, day and night.

Joined Techstars Boston

Accelerated Drag in with investment, sales, and team.

Raised funding to fuel growth

Raised from key independent investors @ Google, MIT and amongst 30+ investors.

Where are we now?

120K+ installs

30K+ active users

Millions of emails processed weekly

As featured in.

Drag transforms Gmail into an organizational powerhouse

Drag keeps your email insanely organized

Drag adds an extra level of organization to your email inbox