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Duda Bardavid 🇧🇷🇬🇧


Running Drag, an MBA @ MIT, Engineer, ex-Military and Brazilian Co-Founder, Duda has her hands-full delivering Drag’s product vision.

Nick Timms 🇧🇷🇬🇧


Nick leads revenue for Drag. Experienced SaaS Founder –, and, focused on the art of MVP to scale.

Breno Vieira 🇧🇷


CTO of Drag with 9+ years experience in CTO / Software Engineering roles. Qualified Engineer from #1 Military Engineering university in Brazil.

Mayra Bischof 🇧🇷

Customer Success

7+ years experience in SaaS: customer marketing, customer success and customer support services. Proudly helped 500 SMB's achieve success.

Rafael Rodrigues 🇧🇷🇯🇵


Qualified Engineer from #1 Military Engineering university in Brazil and Computer Science degree from Kyoto University in Japan.

Caio Brito 🇧🇷


Experienced, Full Stack Engineer. Qualified in Information Systems from State University of São Paulo, Caio is focused on building and scaling the experience of Drag.

Matheus Vianna 🇧🇷


An Engineer (and passionate Trumpet player), Matheus leads outbound sales. He’s also hands-on building ‘Inside Drag’ – our video series on Drag’s startup journey.

Gene Landy 🇺🇸

Board Mentor

Professor of Law from Harvard University, graduate at MIT. Gene’s practice focuses on software. MIT Venture Mentor, author of ‘The Software Developer’s and Marketer’s Legal Companion’.

David Manns 🇬🇧

Board Mentor

Mathematician from Cambridge University, MIT Venture Mentor, 30+ years Software Engineer and successful Entrepreneur of the World’s first ever electronic block-trading system.