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Kudos to Hiver for a simple Shared Inbox

We would like to give Kudos to Hiver. They have built a really simple shared inbox that just does that. If you are here because you are exploring Hiver alternatives then you may be looking for something that does that little bit more. So what’s the difference between Drag and Hiver? Sure, both have a Shared Inbox but what other workflows do you want to run from your inbox? We’ll dig into that further down the page.

BUT the biggest difference is we are not just a Shared Inbox

Hiver alternative

Here’s how we think.

Hiver has been around for a while. Starting with shared labels as a way to collaborate in Gmail, they slowly moved into the Shared Inbox space. Drag is different. From Day 1, we have been on a clear mission to give email-focused teams, control of their work in one tool, one place and one way. 

We believe that teams who live and breathe email don’t want to spread things across emails plus lots of extra tools. This includes task management, CRM, Help Desk and other workflows. Shared Inbox is just a component of Drag.

Our founding team is made up of people from MIT, successful SaaS founders with multi-million revenue. We are a Techstars company, backed by key people @ Google to deliver on our vision. We know how businesses need to be run and are building the tools to do it.

Drag is also a remote-first team. We feel ourselves the challenges on team collaboration every single day. So, long story short: if you’re looking for a product made by best team for the best teams – then you’re in the right place.

We hope this helps you find the best Hiver alternative…

Nick Timms
, Co-Founder @ Drag

P.S. Need more convincing?

The rest of this page is for you. We’ve brought together some great minds across customers, investors within Google, and our internal team to ask the question “Why does Drag win?”. Here are top answers from top minds.

The  TOP  reasons why companies use Drag vs. Hiver


Drag is more than just a Shared Inbox

If you don’t already have a Shared Inbox in Gmail, it’s a must. Being able to manage sales@, support@ and other shared mailboxes is awesome. But, there is so much more to your workflow than simply replying to an incoming email. Managing tasks, delegation, progress flow, emails to your own accounts. Drag is more than an email management software to manage a purely email flow. We take a bigger view on the workflows you need to run your business and have built it straight into your Gmail inbox.


Work in a visual way

Visual workflows are proven to make your team work faster and happier. Tools such as Trello, Monday.com, Asana and Jira all use a visual way of working, called Kanban. From task management to customer support, kanban kicks the ass of traditional lists. Nowadays, almost every task management software offers this and Drag is the Hiver alternative that brings this to email also to make your life easier also. Optionally, of course.


Hiver only works with emails

Hiver is a great app for standard Shared Inboxes, like support@ and sales@. However, Drag’s DNA is to build a product that helps you run your business, not just reply to shared emails. We believe both individuals and teams need more than just email exchange to make their business succeed. They need to manage their tasks. This is clearly reflected in our Kanban view and ability to merge emails and tasks into a unique, collaborative workspace in Gmail.


Grow your business, not your costs

With a per user / month pricing, Hiver charges you more as you grow your company. Besides, you need to pay for Hiver along with other tools such as task management or CRM, for example. With Drag, you save big. We replace lots of tools in one, with a flat pricing, for unlimited users. For a team of 5 using Hiver, Trello and Pipedrive, for example, Drag can bring savings up to $250 / month.


Drag is easier to use and less intrusive

Hiver works differently from Drag. With Hiver you can quickly end up with thousands of Gmail labels and settings changed all over the place. It can get hard to know what’s what. Drag is the Hiver alternative that has been built to be simple, with an intuitive design, and minimizes both the complexity and noise of using your normal Gmail inbox. Drag is a simpler collaboration software, yet with all the powerful and essential features you need, right inside your Gmail inbox: shared inbox, email notes, email assignment, email templates, @mentions, email flow automation, task management and much mode. All of this without needing an extra email client.

drag app

We created the category of the Everything Inbox for you.

Here is the defining moment…

Here is us defining the new category of the Everything Inbox. Others have since attempted to follow with “Team workspace in Gmail”, “Collaborative Workspace in Gmail” and other expressions. We created the category and as a Techstars Backed Company, have a clear vision from day one to deliver first Everything Inbox for teams – one single workspace to run your business.

Reasons to believe in Drag

DragApp Techstars

“The user interface of Drag seamlessly integrates with our workflow at Techstars. I’m not only a big user but also a believer of Drag’s Everything Inbox.”

Clement Cazalot,
Managing Director @Techstars Boston

DragApp Rich Paret

“Teams do their best work when supported by simple but yet powerful tools. Drag takes email, a tool every team is already using, and gives it superpowers.”

Rich Paret, Senior Engineering
Director @Google, GM of @Fabric

DragApp Javier Tordable

“Drag is a fantastic tool to help our teams collaborate better. And it does so right from the email inbox, where so many of us spend most of our time at work.”

Javier Tordable
Technical Director @Google Cloud

5 stars from customers

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