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Automate your daily operations in Gmail

Automate repetitive tasks, like moving emails from board to board, build automated ways to manage your workflow, and send automated email follow-ups.

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Collaboration in Google Workspace for 200,000+ users worldwide.


Automation rules

Create custom automation rules tailored for your workflows in seconds. Combine dozens of triggers and actions, as easy as ‘IF this, THEN that’. No code required.

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Automatic responder

Improve response times and set expectations right by replying to emails automatically.

Create pre-defined templates

Use auto-reply to automatically send information such as your business hours, response ETA and more.

Different conditions, different replies

Send different replies depending on criteria such as email sender or subject line.

Trigger replies with manual actions

Automatically send replies based on actions made on boards.

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Drive efficiency by automatically organizing and prioritizing emails and tasks.

Apply tags based on rules

Tag cared based on specific criteria, like apply the tag “priority” to emails sent from specific senders.

Trigger automations when tagging

Use tagging to trigger other types of automations on boards.

Generate insights with tag reports

Track key metrics for cards with a specific tag or group of tags.

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Round-robin assignment

Automatically distribute workload evenly across team members.

Automated assignments

Instantly assign incoming emails and ensure accountability.

Exclude users from the queue

Distribute workload across a subsegment of team members.

Trigger round-robin assignments manually

Define specific actions that trigger round-robin assignments to existing cards.

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round robin

Workspace routing

Drive efficiency by routing and triaging work automatically.

Instantly route cards to accountable teams

Ensure that incoming emails or tasks get in front of their respective teams as soon as possible.

Seamlessly handover work across teams

Define triggers to automatically move cards across workspaces or columns / lists.

Merge multiple inboxes into 1

Manage multiple inboxes at the same time by automatically moving their incoming emails to the same workspace.

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Business hours

Take operating hours of each workspace into consideration when monitoring key metrics.

Set up business hours for each workspace

Define business hours for all workspaces individually.

Filter reports by business hours

Manage key metrics such as first response time or average response time only within business hours.

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business hours

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Automation enables infinite scale

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Google CASA certified, does not store your emails.

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Monitored 24/7/365.

4.7 stars from 1,200 reviews.

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